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Posted By: jacadcaps. on 2024/7/18 18:41:51

Iris 1.28 is now available!

The new version improves local message cache synchronization performance, makes local caching configurable on a per-folder basis. Insert Image and Insert Link popups got remote image support.

The WebKit core was updated to 2.44.2, like in the latest Wayfarer.
Posted By: jacadcaps. on 2024/6/6 20:02:31

Wayfarer 8.7 is now available with WebKit code updated to WebKitGTK 2.44.2.

Additionally, a targeted workaround was added to fix ReCaptcha on slower hardware, along with fixes for PayPal login page redraw issues and many small performance optimizations.

libcurl was updated to latest version, along with performance improvements and bugfixes.

Built-in Safari User Agents were updated to reflect changes in latest macOS/iOS Safari and editing of custom User Agents is now working correctly again.
Posted By: pikewerfer. on 2024/6/6 17:09:58
Hi MorphOS Community,

Monotype used to offer a free font package for MorphOS/AmigaOS users - it could be "purchased" for zero USD/EUR and downloaded on a website called

It contained 27 styles (selected by yours truly) to give MorphOS users more diverse options for using typography on our beloved OS.

Unfortunately, the website was shut down a few weeks ago, as Monotype wants to focus on and I cannot currently move the font package to one of these sites.

But you can of course still get it. Simply email and ask for the MorphOS Free Font Package. The support team will forward those requests to me, and I will ensure you get the fonts. I will ensure Monotype keeps providing the fonts - and maybe even offers a second package. Stay tuned.

Yours truly

Posted By: softwarefailure. on 2024/6/6 14:18:14

Airsoft Softwair, the unstoppable coding machine, is back on your screen with a massive new Hollywood plugin release: hTeX. hTeX allows you to experience the wonderful world of LaTeX as it makes it possible to use the LaTeX markup language from Hollywood. This makes it possible to easily display mathematical formulas in your Hollywood scripts and Hollywood Designer projects. On top of that, you can also use more advanced LaTeX features like tables, boxes, and finetuned formatting. Finally, hTeX also allows you to export LaTeX formatted text as PDF documents, SVG images, and PNG images.

Using hTeX is very simple and convenient because the plugin directly interfaces with Hollywood's text library so you don't need to learn any new functions but you can just use the functions from Hollywood's text library. As soon as the hTeX plugin is installed, all functions from Hollywood's text library will automatically be able to handle text formatted in LaTeX. hTeX will make the text available to Hollywood as full vector text which means that it can be infinitely scaled, rotated, and transformed without any loss of quality.

Of course hTeX also supports our brand-new Hollywood Designer 7 which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. So after you've installed the hTeX plugin, Hollywood Designer 7 will automatically become a state-of-the-art editor for LaTeX, just take a look at what is possible when using hTeX together with Hollywood Designer 7:

The hTeX distribution comes with several examples as well as a comprehensive documentation to get you started quickly. And the best of all: hTeX is provided free of charge. Thus, please consider buying Hollywood to show your support for our massive development efforts. Note that Hollywood 10 or Hollywood Designer 7 are strictly required by hTeX.

The plugin is now available for free download from the official Hollywood portal. Thanks to Hollywood's cross-platform plugin system versions for AmigaOS3, AmigaOS 4, MorphOS, Linux, macOS and Windows are provided.

This release was brought to you by Airsoft Softwair, the hardest working men in code business.
Posted By: jacadcaps. on 2024/5/4 2:01:26

Wayfarer 8.0 is now available for download.

This version once again updates the WebKit core to the latest stable WebKitGTK branch.
Posted By: softwarefailure. on 2024/4/18 21:22:19
20 years ago, on April 14th 2004, Airsoft Softwair, the hardest working men in code business, released the very first version of Hollywood Designer, the ultimate multimedia authoring system for Hollywood. In the following years Hollywood Designer quickly became the must-have software for all users seriously interested in creating state-of-the-art multimedia applications, be it presentations, slide shows, games, or applications. Now, 20 years later, Airsoft Softwair is proud to present Hollywood Designer 7.0, an epic update with lots and lots of new features to properly celebrate the 20th birthday of this marvellous piece of software.
Posted By: jacadcaps. on 2024/3/21 1:33:24
Wayfarer 7.7 is now available from and auto-update.

Changes in this version include:

- fixed WebAnimations support
- fixed several issues with the internal refresh loop
- fixed taking screenshots of scrolled-down pages
- file:// handling fixes
- updated libxml2
Posted By: softwarefailure. on 2024/3/21 1:33:01
Emojis and more: Pangomonium 1.0 released

Airsoft Softwair, the hardest working men in code business, are proud to present a massive new plugin release for Hollywood: Pangomonium - The Ultimate Text Engine for Hollywood. Pangomonium is a plugin of epic proportions and the first plugin only available for Hollywood 10. Pangomonium contains an ultramodern, state-of-the-art text engine that can be used to draw text in almost any language of the world. On top of that, it also supports advanced text features like fonts with colored glyphs. This finally makes it possible to write programs which support emojis on Amiga! Pangomonium is based on the established Pango and Cairo text and vector graphics libraries and also allows you to access the complete Pango and Cairo function set directly from Hollywood scripts. Of course, there is also a high-level interface which allows you to conveniently draw text without having to delve into Pango and Cairo programming. Pangomonium has been two years in the making and is now finally ready for release exclusively for Hollywood 10.0.
Posted By: jacadcaps. on 2024/2/28 16:32:30
Iris 1.21 is now available from

Iris is now able to view and create calendar invites (ICS).

A new privacy feature makes it possible to view HTML emails without downloading any external content (images, css) that may potentially be used to track/identify the recipient.
Posted By: jacadcaps. on 2024/2/28 14:04:01
Wayfarer 7.4 is now available from auto-update.

This update introduces a reworked settings UI, possibility to fine-tune browser settings per 1st component of a URL path as well as fixes of reported crashes.