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Posted By: pegasos-sigi2. on 2016/9/19 20:48:29
Calimero 3.6

New Feature 1:

The editor class of Calimero is reworked now to support correctly text marking. The
Screenshot shows this.
Now it's possible to mark only one character. Moving the cursor to a different character works now like each other editor.
Simple moving marks nothing any more. You must mark explicite at last one charakter to mark thome thing.

New Feature 2:

Reworked settings window. Now it works like system settings windows.

New Feature 3:

Reworked Key input handler. Now it's fast as possible, without a delay during typing.
Posted By: jPV. on 2016/9/17 17:32:15
Finnish Amiga Users Group holds its 9th Saku event in Oulu, Finland on Saturday, September 24th.

The event will feature many classic Amiga setups from A500 to A4000, FPGA computers like Minimig and MIST, Commodore 64, and several MorphOS systems. There will also be a presentation about the Hollywood programming language and the From Bedrooms to Billions: The Amiga Years! documentary film will be shown on a big screen.

Finnish Amiga retailer Gentle Eye will be present with some Amiga goodies, and the user group is getting new promotional products just for the event.

Admittance is free of charge and refreshments will be available. Saku 2016 will start at 14:00 on September 24th at Oulun Tetra ground floor conference room at Mäkelininkatu 31.

Please visit the users group's website at for more information. Photos from the last year can be seen here.

Posted By: ASiegel. on 2016/8/31 17:18:12
From Friday 21st of October until Sunday the 23rd of October 2016 the Amiga Club Osnabrück and the Amiga Club Steinfurt are hosting another hardware meeting in Hörstel, Germany.

Gather up to date information about MorphOS 3.10, get hands-on help and support, see new software or just have fun talking with developers and users.

We will also show Raspberry Pi projects like RetroPi.

If you want to bring in your hardware then please inform us as soon as possible, because the space for external users is limited. Of course you can just stop for a visit if you like.

I know a laptop running MorphOS takes no big space and is portable, but I still need to know about the number of attendees. So if you are interested, please contact me as soon as possible.

As usual, attendence is entirely free of charge.

Posted By: pegasos-sigi2. on 2016/8/19 20:41:20
Calimero 3.5


Now Calimero split words automaticly on the end of a line. Screenshot with hyphenation
Other hyphenation dictionaries was found here: Dictionaries

Now Calimero support barcode rendering. 100 types of barcode was supported (EAN, ISBN,QR-CODE, MAXI-CODE, a.s.o.) A screenshot with barcode labels: Barcodelabels
Posted By: ASiegel. on 2016/7/29 9:49:31
Oliver "Olli" Wagner reportedly passed away at age 45 on Wednesday, July 27. He was one of the original authors of well-known MorphOS & Amiga applications such as the Voyager web browser as well as the AmIRC chat client, which was highly influential and often copied on other platforms. In recent years, he managed Tick TS AG, a company that develops and markets trading software to banks and other clients.Oliver Wagner Has Passed Away
Posted By: ASiegel. on 2016/6/8 19:51:18

The MorphOS development team would like to announce the immediate availability of the June 2016 release of MorphOS Software Development Kit (SDK) 3.10. The new SDK sports a bugfixed GCC5 compiler, updated ixemul and SSL libraries as well as improvements in its documentation and include files.

The new software development kit is available for download in our files section.

Posted By: Templario. on 2016/5/29 16:44:03
Vintage Viewer is picture viewer the main feature of this program is respect the privacy of the user, no recient files list, no playlist, portable you can use it from USB stick, CD, etc.,, you can minimize the program with a simple right mouse click or press the space key.

Vintage Viewer display the next multimedia formats currently:
* jpg, png, gif, lbm, bmp, in native way
* svg, jp2(jpeg 2000), tiff, pcx, using the Hollywood™ plugins.
Posted By: softwarefailure. on 2016/5/15 16:00:33
This is the game changer you've been waiting for! Airsoft Softwair is proud to present its most ambitious Hollywood plugin yet: RapaGUI - a cross-platform GUI toolkit that allows the creation of native (!) GUIs for AmigaOS (MUI), Windows, Linux (GTK), and Mac OS based systems! This is a real killer plugin and truly a world's first because RapaGUI is the first cross-platform GUI toolkit to support Amiga-based systems with MUI as well. This is surely a dream come true for many Amiga users! In fact, RapaGUI is a MUI Royale spin-off with the killer app twist. Like in MUI Royale, GUI layouts in RapaGUI are conveniently defined in XML files which are then converted into full-blown GUIs by RapaGUI on-the-fly. It just doesn't get any easier
Posted By: Papiosaur. on 2016/5/6 20:50:43
Hello all,
i launch a raffle to promote alternative operating system MorphOS. Many prizes to win (*):
Posted By: Kronos. on 2016/5/1 15:39:16
PastePass is a simple password manager featuring a cryped database and the abilty to fill in username + password at the stroke of a simple shortcut.

Included is PassTool to crypt the provided password useing the name given during MorphOS regristration.

Download with Grunch or directly at:

New in this version:
  • user defined groups
  • various refinements and bugfixes