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Posted By: pegasos-sigi2. on 2016/4/26 9:29:08
WebPButton 1.2

WebPButton is a Replacement for Ambient icons. Screenshot
It works only on the Ambientscreen.
It is possible to replace Icons of progs and dirs.
The "new virtual icons" are animated and play sound, if you use animated webp pictues and sound files.
The new icons use the alpha chanal of webp files if possible.
The new icons are animated in a loop or only after pushing the icon.
Posted By: cyfm. on 2016/4/26 9:28:38
C.Desler released a new beta version 0.95 of Cinnamon Writer for MorphOS.

New betas can be found at:

Bug fixes include:
  • Window trashing should be fixed
  • Localization should now support other charsets than the generic.
  • Import of images now works.

Please let the author know if you encounter any bugs ...
Posted By: igracki. on 2016/3/28 18:05:33
Changes from yahoo made a new version necessary;)

This sbar module shows current weather infos in your screenbar, customizable infos like wind speed, humidity, sunrise, sunset etc.
Including a 10-days-forecast.

Get it here, or visit its homepage
Posted By: Papiosaur. on 2016/3/15 19:12:01
WArMUp association is proud to offer you Chrysalis pack 3.9.2 for MorphOS 3.9.

This pack allows you to quickly obtain a complete environment preconfigured containing a selection of software, games and emulators for MorphOS.

This pack is not official, it must installed just after clean installation MorphOS 3.9 (registered or not). To install this package, simply mount the ISO image, open "Chrysalis" volume and click on the "Install Chrysalis Pack 3.9.2" icon.

The ISO image is freely downloadable from this page. The ISO size is 889 339 904 bytes.
Posted By: pegasos-sigi2. on 2016/2/8 9:22:48
Calimero 2.5


The DTP program Calimero support label printing now.
The problem with the screen handling is fixed (Screenshot).
Many bugfixing.
Posted By: pegasos-sigi2. on 2015/12/28 17:48:09
MagicWebp 4.0

A universal tool to view WebP pictures and animations, Convert other picture formats to WebP and mux a directory with pictures to a single WebP animation.

+ The encoder part decode all reggae supported formats.
+ The WebP viewer part support all features of the standart.
+ Fast Preview creator for image directorys.

- Only the top directory was encodet to a WebP anim. Oher sub - directories was ignored.
Posted By: ernsteiswuerfel. on 2015/12/26 4:36:28
Simple Mail version 0.42 comes with following changes:
  • Updated OpenSSL version to 1.0.1q
  • TLS support for SMTP servers (SMTPS, port 465)
  • STARTTLS support for IMAP4 servers
  • Ability to check account settings within the account configuration
  • Revised error window
  • Serveral MorphOS specific fixes (thanks to henes)
  • Various bug fixes and internal improvements to simplify next development steps

Connecting to GMAIL / Google IMAP4 servers now works flawlessly!
Posted By: Develin. on 2015/12/23 8:12:28
OnyxSoft celebrated their 20:th birthday this year and since it is Christmas time we would like to release a little gift for you all since we think many of you have been good to us during our anniversary =)

RecentFiles.sbar v1.0 - (MorphOS) This is a little screenbar module that will notify you about new recent files for MorphOS users.
- Totaly new program
- Notify about recent changes from the MorphOS-Files portal
- Informs you about new MorphOS releases from MorphOS-Team

Have a nice Christmas all MorphOS fans!

If you know a bug or have a suggestion, please don't hesitate to drop us an e-mail New software release by OnyxSoft

If you don't feel like contacting us but still like to contribute then OnyxSoft homepage has a Donate button not too far away New software release by OnyxSoft
Posted By: pegasos-sigi2. on 2015/12/23 8:11:43
MagicWebp 1.0

A viewer for Webp pictures. Please note that support for Webm animations is not currently implemented.
Posted By: phoenixkonsole. on 2015/12/4 13:33:27
The new AmiCloud client is now available for MorphOS (10€)