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Posted By: Develin. on 2015/12/23 9:12:28
OnyxSoft celebrated their 20:th birthday this year and since it is Christmas time we would like to release a little gift for you all since we think many of you have been good to us during our anniversary =)

RecentFiles.sbar v1.0 - (MorphOS) This is a little screenbar module that will notify you about new recent files for MorphOS users.
- Totaly new program
- Notify about recent changes from the MorphOS-Files portal
- Informs you about new MorphOS releases from MorphOS-Team

Have a nice Christmas all MorphOS fans!

If you know a bug or have a suggestion, please don't hesitate to drop us an e-mail New software release by OnyxSoft

If you don't feel like contacting us but still like to contribute then OnyxSoft homepage has a Donate button not too far away New software release by OnyxSoft
Posted By: pegasos-sigi2. on 2015/12/23 9:11:43
MagicWebp 1.0

A viewer for Webp pictures. Please note that support for Webm animations is not currently implemented.
Posted By: phoenixkonsole. on 2015/12/4 14:33:27
The new AmiCloud client is now available for MorphOS (10€)

Posted By: pegasos-sigi2. on 2015/11/28 15:16:45

This shell prog unpacks the preview picture of a DWG file. The supported versions of DWG are R_13,R_14, R_2000. The versions R_2004 and R_2007 of DWG are in alpha state and unstable and buggy.

DWG is a file format created in the 70's for the emerging CAD applications. Currently it is the native file format of AutoCAD, a proprietary CAD program developed by AutoDesk
Posted By: pegasos-sigi2. on 2015/11/21 17:52:21

Bootanimplayer 1.0 plays Android bootanimations on your system.
Lot of Android Bootanimations

I include the C - source in the archive, too. You can compile the prog on every system (os4...).
Posted By: Kronos. on 2015/8/27 20:45:14
PastePass is a simple password manager featuring a cryped database and the abilty to fill in username + password at the stroke of a simple shortcut.

Included is PassTool to crypt the provided password useing the name given during MorphOS regristration.

Download with Grunch or directly at:

New in this version:

- load and save KeyPassX compatible XML files
- basic grouping of entries
- a default user can be selected
- spanish and french locales included
Posted By: ASiegel. on 2015/8/5 17:48:13
Fabien Coeurjoly has released version 1.1 of his MPlayer port, which was updated to r37401 and a recent ffmpeg.

Posted By: Papiosaur. on 2015/7/13 18:37:28
Association WArMUp is pround to offer you the Chrysalis pack 3.9.1 for MorphOS 3.9.

This pack allows you to quickly obtain a complete environment preconfigured containing a selection of software, games and emulators for MorphOS.

This pack is not official, it must installed just after clean installation MorphOS 3.9 (registered or not). To install the package, simply mount the ISO image, open "Chrysalis" volume and click on the "Install Pack Chrysalis 3.9.1" icon.

The ISO image is freely downloadable from the following link: (759 959 552 octets).

The list of changes is available at the follow of this article.

Feel free to improve this pack by providing software, translation, idea, etc ...
Feel free also to support developers of MorphOS software and the MorphOS Team so that adventure continues.
Thanks so much to all developers and people who participate directly or indirectly to the improvement of this pack.
Posted By: Joe_Kearn. on 2015/7/10 10:00:20
Hello - KeHo Software has included a new modul in the Hollywood LCARS SmartHome System.
Voice Commands will now be recognized and shown with ELEKTRA.


Also we have already published first chapter of building a smarthome system on your own. On the Webpage you can see what is possible up to now.

On page you can learn how to build the gateway and steer 3 Led's with a Hollywood 6.0 applet running on your morphos system and computer.

In August we will present chapter 2 which will enable you to switch 433Mhz outlets with your morphos system and computer. Learn to build your own secure smarthome.

So stay tuned ...
Posted By: softwarefailure. on 2015/6/28 11:09:28
MUI Royale 1.3 releasedAirsoft Softwair is proud to present the immediate availability of MUI Royale 1.3. This update contains bug fixes and supports more MUI 4.0 features. Please note that MUI 4.0 is now also available for AmigaOS 3, so there is no reason to keep on using the old MUI 3.8 from 1997. Starting with MUI Royale 1.3, the *.hwc and *.hwp files have been merged so that MUI Royale is just a single binary now. Furthermore, users of Hollywood 6.0 will be happy to see that the installer makes all MUI Royale examples available in the Hollywood GUI now automatically.

MUI Royale requires at least Hollywood 5.2 and is provided free of charge for all users of Hollywood. It is available for AmigaOS 3 (m68k), AmigaOS 4 (PPC), MorphOS (PPC), and AROS (i386). The package comes with over 20 example scripts, many of which are direct ports from the MUI 3.8 SDK by Stefan Stuntz, but there are also original developments like demonstrations of how to create a video player using the combined power of Hollywood and MUI. On top of that MUI Royale comes with extensive documentation in over 300 PDF pages which are also available in the HTML, AmigaGuide, and CHM formats thanks to the Hollywood documentation system.