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Posted By: Kronos. on 2016/5/1 17:39:16
PastePass is a simple password manager featuring a cryped database and the abilty to fill in username + password at the stroke of a simple shortcut.

Included is PassTool to crypt the provided password useing the name given during MorphOS regristration.

Download with Grunch or directly at:

New in this version:
  • user defined groups
  • various refinements and bugfixes
Posted By: Daff. on 2016/5/1 10:57:41
The following articles have been added to the website of the french Amiga/MorphOS magazine Obligement ( ) during the last two months:

MorphOS related:
  • March/April 2016 news.
  • DIY: Mute the ventilation on an AT power supply and a BlizzardPPC.
  • Tutorial: How to make MorphOS like AmigaOS 4.
Posted By: pegasos-sigi2. on 2016/4/29 22:21:14
Calimero 3.0


+ Mask Screenshot
+ insert Alpha Screenshot
+ AnimGif (alpha!)
+ import picture dirs
+ Bugfixing
Posted By: Kokos. on 2016/4/29 17:50:22
As you may know, popular site helps searching for software alternatives. For instance - when you switch from Windows to Linux, you can easily check what is a free Microsoft Word alternative for that operating system.

Starting from today, the service also supports AmigaOS, MorphOS and AROS operating systems. You can complete the software directory with your favourite items. Building such a database will allow simple alternatives searching for incoming and current Amiga users. It will also help to choose the most rated Amiga software from particular category.

Follow this link to submit your favourite software, but you can also view already submitted items for AmigaOS, MorphOS and AROS.

Please help spreading the word and completing the database with Amiga software!

Thank you!
Posted By: pegasos-sigi2. on 2016/4/26 12:29:08
WebPButton 1.2

WebPButton is a Replacement for Ambient icons. Screenshot
It works only on the Ambientscreen.
It is possible to replace Icons of progs and dirs.
The "new virtual icons" are animated and play sound, if you use animated webp pictues and sound files.
The new icons use the alpha chanal of webp files if possible.
The new icons are animated in a loop or only after pushing the icon.
Posted By: cyfm. on 2016/4/26 12:28:38
C.Desler released a new beta version 0.95 of Cinnamon Writer for MorphOS.

New betas can be found at:

Bug fixes include:
  • Window trashing should be fixed
  • Localization should now support other charsets than the generic.
  • Import of images now works.

Please let the author know if you encounter any bugs ...
Posted By: pegasos-sigi2. on 2016/4/15 14:19:00

ics2csv convert iCalendar files to CSV format, or show the data.
Editing or removing single data rows is possible.
Posted By: softwarefailure. on 2016/4/10 20:42:28
Airsoft Softwair is proud to announce the immediate availability of a number of add-ons for Hollywood 6.1. The following add-ons are now available for download from the official Hollywood portal:
  • Hollywood Player 6.1 for all supported platforms (also available for your smartphone/tablet on Google Play)
  • Hollywood SDK 6.1 for developing your own plugins (includes examples and over 350 pages of documentation in various formats)
  • Hollywood 6.1 add-on for Cubic IDE (kindly provided by Michael Jurisch)
  • Hollywood 6.1 wordfile for UltraEdit
  • Hollywood 6.1 online reference manual (over 850 PDF pages, alternatively available as HTML, CHM, and AmigaGuide)
The release of these add-ons completes the Hollywood 6.1 release. Please visit the official Hollywood portal at for download and more information.

Brought to you by Airsoft Softwair - the hardest working men in code business.
Posted By: igracki. on 2016/3/28 21:05:33
Changes from yahoo made a new version necessary;)

This sbar module shows current weather infos in your screenbar, customizable infos like wind speed, humidity, sunrise, sunset etc.
Including a 10-days-forecast.

Get it here, or visit its homepage
Posted By: Papiosaur. on 2016/3/15 22:12:01
WArMUp association is proud to offer you Chrysalis pack 3.9.2 for MorphOS 3.9.

This pack allows you to quickly obtain a complete environment preconfigured containing a selection of software, games and emulators for MorphOS.

This pack is not official, it must installed just after clean installation MorphOS 3.9 (registered or not). To install this package, simply mount the ISO image, open "Chrysalis" volume and click on the "Install Chrysalis Pack 3.9.2" icon.

The ISO image is freely downloadable from this page. The ISO size is 889 339 904 bytes.