Software : : Iris beta 27
Posted By: jacadcaps. on 2018/5/31 3:53:45
Iris beta 27
Beta 27 of the MorphOS' next email client - Iris - is available for download from tunkki. The most notable changes include a 30%+ speed boost of the whole application and custom certificate handling.

To update, simply extract the archive and copy files overwriting your existing installation - your settings and caches are safe in their separate directories.

The following is the full list of changes from beta25:

  • Serialized index loading when synchronizing folders in order to speed things up on non-SSD drives
  • Compiled with a new toolchain for a >30% (!) boost in performance
  • Experimental local storage mode for IMAP. Please note that for now, all email actions will be ignored while offline (!). Storing emails can be enabled in the Storage tab of account settings Also note that only new messages will be downloaded once you enable local storage - to force downloading of old messages, visit a given folder.
  • Custom certificates can now be saved per account/transport
  • Folder refresh now logged only if some emails were actually downloaded
  • Fixed: MIME parts missing a Content-Type header assume text/plain instead of application/octet-stream. Fixes displaying emails sent from SimpleMail
  • Fixed: invalid certificate handling crashed in autoconfiguration / Add Account
  • Fixed: certificate failure handling path leaked memory and signals
  • Fixed: changing account storage from POP3 to IMAP and vice versa meant that the folders list would not refresh anymore