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Posted By: jacadcaps. on 2021/8/18 20:48:01
Wayfarer 2.4 is now out and introduces WebAudio playback support and often requested Download/Save As.
Posted By: Piru. on 2021/7/23 14:09:27
MorphOS 3.15 ram-handler contains a bug that when unlucky may results in the RAM: root directory to appear to contain many duplicate entries. Multiple users had reported this over the years, but until recently the root cause of this issue had eluded us. Due to recent developments, the bug has finally been located and fixed (thanks to AngryTom for help!).

Fixed ram-handler will be released as the part of the future MorphOS 3.16 release. Meanwhile you can install the following patch that fixes the problem for MorphOS 3.15:


To install it, extract the archive and drag & drop "ramrootfix" to SYS:WBStartup.
Posted By: softwarefailure. on 2021/7/20 9:11:49
RapaGUI 2.0 released After almost 4 years of development Airsoft Softwair, the hardest working men in code business, are proud to announce the long awaited release of RapaGUI 2.0. RapaGUI is the cross-platform GUI toolkit for Hollywood that allows you to create GUIs with native widgets for AmigaOS, Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android. GUI layouts in RapaGUI are conveniently defined in XML files which are then converted into full-blown GUIs by RapaGUI on-the-fly. It just doesn't get any easier!

RapaGUI 2.0 is a major update with lots of new features, improvements and bug fixes.
Posted By: jacadcaps. on 2021/7/12 18:25:16
The new Wayfarer release brings real fullscreen support, A/V synchronization in HLS live streams that lack timestamps (Youtube) and fixes and workarounds for broken Media Source players (
Posted By: jacadcaps. on 2021/6/28 16:19:07
Wayfarer 2.2 fixes duration timing issues with Media Source playback and resolves several of reported crashes.

The new Iris implements full-HTML replies, that is, replying to emails written in HTML while retaining all of their CSS styling and embedded images, signatures, etc. The new version is now also linked against the same WebKit version as Wayfarer 2.x.
Posted By: jacadcaps. on 2021/6/20 5:13:53
Wayfarer 2.0 may now be downloaded from

The new version is based on a latest stable WebKitGTK branch (about 1 year newer code base than Wayfarer 1.x) and introduces Dark Mode on websites that support it. Several other bugs were addressed in this release, including rendering of checkmarks that were previously invisible on some websites.

Please note that the ICU files included in the archive must be moved to MOSSYS in order to run latest Wayfarer.
Posted By: jPV. on 2021/6/9 7:39:56
RNOArchive is a graphical archive manager, that can extract, modify, and create archives. Extraction is handled by the XAD system and the program has built-in support for writing ZIP archives. Writing to other formats relies on separate Shell commands, and their availability and compatibility in the used system.
Posted By: ASiegel. on 2021/5/25 8:15:13

As some of you may have read over the past days, there has been an ownership dispute over the Freenode network. The IRC network has been used by MorphOS and many other projects over the past decades as a platform for discussion and support. The dispute led to the exodus of most former Freenode staff from the network and the founding of a new network: Libera Chat

In light of these events, the official MorphOS IRC channel has been migrated and can now be accessed by visiting #morphos on The old Freenode channel will stay online for the time being but could be closed down by the Freenode owners at any time.

For more information regarding the Freenode situation, here is a summary: Freenode IRC resign en masse after takeover by Korea’s crown prince (Ars Technica)

Posted By: Papiosaur. on 2021/5/24 10:31:55
The WArMUp association is pleased to offer the new version of Chrysalis package for MorphOS 3.15 (23/05/2021).

This pack allows you to easily and quickly install, just after a new installation of MorphOS, a complete and preconfigured environment.

It contains a selection of software, games and emulators for MorphOS. The ISO image is freely downloadable from MorphOS-Storage.

Thank you very much to all the developers and users who participate from both near or far to help improve this pack.
Posted By: Cool_amigaN. on 2021/5/24 10:31:29
Real Amiga SWOS Total Pack [MorphOS.Released]

The top goal scoring superstar heroes of the code business are at it again, presenting the result of more than 7 months of hard work which finally aids to the return of a legend on the Amiga, bigger and better than ever before!

The Total Pack is as complete as it gets, not only accumulating more than two decades of content but also introducing features never been seen in the past such as a totally new Gameplay mode, tactic viewer comparison and more, under a modernised and professionally developed application!