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Posted By: Bugala. on 2023/9/8 16:38:57
a Youtube Trailer for AI KILLS ALL HUMANS - Game has just been released, giving you a better look at what the final release will be like:

AI Kills All Humans is a Tactical RTS game coming from ONE JOYFUL DAY to Modern Amigas in which you play as an AI, which due to a slight change in code, is sending robots to kill all humans.

You however don't have direct control of your robots, but robots independently decide how to execute your commands, like a general telling troops to attack, but troops themselves decide how.
Posted By: Stevo. on 2023/3/16 6:44:31
bigfoot released version 1.1 of his MorphOS port of Vanilla RA from the Vanilla Conquer project, which can be downloaded here.

He has now also released version 1.1 of his MorphOS port of Vanilla TD from the same project, which can be downloaded here
Posted By: Cool_amigaN. on 2022/5/4 16:20:10
Real Amiga SWOS Total Pack ver 1.1 Update [Released] After almost a year of its original release, the first major update has been finally released!

Though most aspects have been further improved, we took extra care on the "Data Disks" section and now, for the first time in the Amiga scene ever, we are offering the complete experience for all World and Euro cups: select your Team directly from the application's menu and relive or rewrite golden moments of football history with historical accurate teams, groups and rules, thus bringing RASTP on par with SWOS 2020 DIY DLC on the PC!
Posted By: beworld. on 2021/10/16 8:59:02
ScummVM 2.5.0 is now available from

You need last SDL2 library.
Posted By: g0blin. on 2021/10/7 10:43:11
"Cybersphere - A cyberpunk adventure" by GDG Entertainment has been released and it's available in a collectors' edition at BitmapSoft for MorphOS users.

CyberSphere is an icon-driven game developed with text adventures in mind. Explore a cyberpunk-themed world spreading across a fictional town, its undergrounds and the outer space above it to discover its secrets. Traverse the voxels-made environment using an icon-based mechanics instead of typing text.
Posted By: g0blin. on 2021/8/27 21:06:56
GDG Entertainment and BitmapSoft are proud to announce that preorders for "Cybersphere - A cyberpunk adventure" are now open.

CyberSphere is an icon-driven game developed with text-adventures in mind. Explore a cyberpunk-themed world spreading across a fictitional town, its
undergrounds and the outerspace above it to discover its secrets. Traverse the voxels-made environment using an icon-based mechanics istead
of typing text.


You are a hacker living Chiba City, home of your online rides in the cyberspace and land of smugglers, fixers and data thieves. One day you wake up in your apartment with an abnormal and pounding head-ache. Your vision is blurred, you keep staggering and it’s difficult to walk. Apparently, you have been out of business at least for a few days now, but you don’t remember what happened since your memories are quite confused. From the fog, fragments of the recent past seem to emerge, yet words like “Blipvert” and “Family Project” bear no meaning to you.

What lurks behind them?


– Loads of locations to visit, divided into three main areas: city streets, city undergrounds, space station.
– Voxel-based futuristic graphics.
– Easy icon-driven mechanics that mimics text-adventures ones.
– Full range of sound effects and inspiring music.
– Localized in English, French and Italian.


Being for the most part a static adventure, CyberSphere runs virtually on any platform. 100MB of free space is necessary to install it on a HD. The game has been successfully tested on the following systems without any particular issues:

– AmigaOS 4.1.x on MotherBoard Sam440flex with 512Mb RAM and on board Radeon 64Mb;
– AmigaOS 4.1.x on MotherBoard A1XE G4, 512Mb RAM;
– AmigaOS4.1 FE (Final Edition) on Sam440EP;
– (The Red One), Radeon 9250 128, RAM 512 Mb;
– MorphOS 3.14 on Pegasos II Motherboard/MacMini;
– MacOS_X (X86);
– MacOS_X (X64);
– MacOS 11.4 Big Sur, M1 chipset;
– All versions of Microsoft Windows supported;
– Linux Ubuntu 18.4;
– Icaros Desktop Lite v.2.1.6 (on AMD Sempron 3400+, 200GHz, 2MB RAM).

Benchmark tests performed on various platforms indicate that RAM memory occupancy at runtime is
contained around 70MB. From a hardware standpoint there are therefore no particular minimum system
specifications that can hamper usage of this product.

The Game CD contains the following versions of the game:
– AmigaOS4;
– MorphOS;
– Windows 32-bit (It runs on any Windows system, being it 32 or 64-bit. Also, it should run on Linux via Wine emulator);
– Linux 32-bit (It runs on 32 and 64-bit Linux systems);
– MacOS 32-bit (It runs on 32-bit MacOS systems and on 64-bit systems with M1 chipset);
– MacOS 64-bit.


Created by:
Gianluca Girelli and Davide Palombo

Art Work created by:
Marco Riva

Martin “DJ Metune” Ericksson
Gabriele Palombo

Sound Effects
Gabriele Palombo
Davide Palombo

French localisation:
Jerome Senay

Tony Aksnes, Francesco Fiorentini
Simone Battaglioni, Simone Girelli,
Ruggero Simoncelli and Jerome Senay

GDG Entertainment Logo:
Andrea Cecchini

Box Art:
Darren Doyle

Project Management:
Jamie Battison

Manual Created & Designed:
Darren Doyle

Copyright © 2021 Design & Layout Bitmap Soft
Physical Release ©2021 Bitmap Soft All Rights Reserved
Bitmap Soft is a joint venture by
Jamie Battison & Darren Doyle

[img align='left'][/img]
Posted By: Cool_amigaN. on 2021/5/24 10:31:29
Real Amiga SWOS Total Pack [MorphOS.Released]

The top goal scoring superstar heroes of the code business are at it again, presenting the result of more than 7 months of hard work which finally aids to the return of a legend on the Amiga, bigger and better than ever before!

The Total Pack is as complete as it gets, not only accumulating more than two decades of content but also introducing features never been seen in the past such as a totally new Gameplay mode, tactic viewer comparison and more, under a modernised and professionally developed application!
Posted By: Templario. on 2019/9/18 13:54:37
Where are you in 2002? Do you remember the game Strip Fighter? A game for Amiga classic as you can see in this video:

A strip poker game made with Blizt Basic™ for Amiga classic 68k with graphic card and 68020 CPU.

Seventeen years later.. the same enthusiastic Amigans bring you the opportunity of enjoy the new Strip Fighter II for all Amiga systems running under Hollywood™ Player with new players and rivals and a new challenging game The Chinos, because strip poker games there are many.

Requeriments: Hollywood™ Player v8.0 and Hollywood™ plugin oggvorbis.hwp

Available in these languages:
1. Spanish. 2. English. 3. Italiano. 4. French.

Available free download from here:
Posted By: stefkos. on 2018/5/20 21:12:01
New version of OpenXCom is available.
Most important change is possibility to run UFO Enemy Unknown and UFO Terror From The Deep.
You can get it from here
Posted By: Daff. on 2018/1/18 11:48:17
The "Amiga Games List", document created and maintained by David Brunet since 1991, was updated the 18th january 2018. The Amiga Games List is the most extensive collection of its kind on Internet. Beside other news and corrections, the games created in 2017 was added. The games using SAGA chipset were added with the mention "SAGA" in the "Misc" (miscellaneous hardware) column. The total reaches now 12 803 games, level editors, data disks, extensions and interpreters subdivided into the categories as follows:

12 241 games
325 extensions and data disks
145 game and level editors
92 interpreters

There are now 493 native MorphOS games.

Link :