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Posted By: jacadcaps. on 2023/12/5 20:28:08

Wayfarer 7.0 is now available for download!

This is the 7th time Wayfarer was rebased to a latest stable WebKitGTK, meaning the MorphOS patches have been re-applied to a new branch. This release also marks the project's 4th anniversary.

This has been the most challenging update so far. Several new endian issues have crept into WebKit, with one of them causing an immediate crash when running JavaScript on big endian CPUs. The removal of some of the WinCairo port has also made it more difficult to maintain the MorphOS port. Many of the code paths that the MorphOS port is using aren't being used by the officially supported ports, which requires additional testing and bug fixing.

With this in mind, please show your support by donating to the project.

Version 7.0 is now available for auto-updating, which is the recommended way of installing updates. Please check the history page for the full list of changes in this release.
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    Definitely seems speedier - especially while watching YT videos.
  • »2023/12/6 12:04
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    I haven't tried YouTube yet but I can confirm - speed of rendering websites is better.
    Thank you TurboJaca! And respect for fix endian-problems of the engine. It is hard to believe that opensource MULTIPLATFORM web-engine still has endian issues (like software 30 years ago).
  • »2023/12/6 13:37
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    Ahh yeah, thanks !!!
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