Software : : Wayfarer 6.2
Posted By: jacadcaps. on 2023/10/13 22:37:52
Wayfarer 6.2 out now.

This version introduces additional behaviour, optimization and AdBlocker settings.

Libwebp was updated to fix its recent CVEs. sqlite, curl, nghttp2 and psl libraries were also updated to latest versions.
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    Ahh excellent !! Thank you :)
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    Overall I think v6.2 is working very well 8-) . . . but . . .

    I had a weird instance the other day when I closed a Tabbed window, possibly as it was loading, or had just finished loading - though that is usually not possible, and it left me with a blank GUI area where the web page(s) should be. All the other Tabs for windows/websites were in place, and looked the same, as they had just previously been shown.

    So . . . I clicked on one of the already open websites Tabs, and the Tab went 'active' but the blank GUI page remained 'blank' - no web page. I clicked on all the still open Tabbed windows one at a time, but the GUI section where each website page should have been loaded, but they all remained 'blank'! :-(

    So . . . I went to 'Tabs' and re-opened one of the previously closed Tabs, and possibly the last one I closed, and it then loaded that web page as was previously displayed, and then . . . I was then able to click on the other Tabbed windows and they loaded as they should with whatever their webpage was supposed to display. 8-D

    Anyone else had this issue? :-?

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    Fixed in 6.3

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