Development : : Emojis and more: Pangomonium 1.0 released
Posted By: softwarefailure. on 2024/3/21 1:33:01
Emojis and more: Pangomonium 1.0 released

Airsoft Softwair, the hardest working men in code business, are proud to present a massive new plugin release for Hollywood: Pangomonium - The Ultimate Text Engine for Hollywood. Pangomonium is a plugin of epic proportions and the first plugin only available for Hollywood 10. Pangomonium contains an ultramodern, state-of-the-art text engine that can be used to draw text in almost any language of the world. On top of that, it also supports advanced text features like fonts with colored glyphs. This finally makes it possible to write programs which support emojis on Amiga! Pangomonium is based on the established Pango and Cairo text and vector graphics libraries and also allows you to access the complete Pango and Cairo function set directly from Hollywood scripts. Of course, there is also a high-level interface which allows you to conveniently draw text without having to delve into Pango and Cairo programming. Pangomonium has been two years in the making and is now finally ready for release exclusively for Hollywood 10.0.

Here are just some of Pangomonium's impressive features:

- draw text in almost all languages of the world (including complex scripts and layouts such as bidirectional text, right-to-left layouts etc.)
- support for fonts that contain colored glyphs (finally enjoy those colorful emojis on Amiga!)
- exports two high-level and one low-level interface to Hollywood
- Hollywood scripts can access all Pango and Cairo APIs directly (over 500 functions!)
- seamless integration with Hollywood 10's new text interface makes it very easy to use Pangomonium
- the plugin can also replace Hollywood's inbuilt vector graphics engine
- extensive documentation in AmigaGuide, HTML, CHM and PDF (more than 300 PDF pages!)
- comes with over 30 ready-to-run example scripts

And the best of all: Pangomonium is provided free of charge for all existing Hollywood users. Thus, please consider buying Hollywood to show your support for our massive development efforts. Note that Hollywood 10 is strictly required by Pangomonium.

The plugin is now available for free download from the official Hollywood portal. Thanks to Hollywood's cross-platform plugin system versions for AmigaOS3, AmigaOS 4, MorphOS, Linux, macOS and Windows are provided.

This release was brought to you by Airsoft Softwair, the hardest working men in code business.