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Posted By: ASiegel. on 2016/12/15 11:31:42
As an update to our previous story on 500 million accounts that had been hacked, Yahoo announced today that one billion accounts may have been compromised in a hack that is separate from the previous one. The company does not currently know how exactly the data has been obtained by a third party. The stolen information includes names, passwords, contact lists, and personalized answers to common security questions.

If you own a Yahoo user account, please update your password as soon as possible.
Posted By: ASiegel. on 2016/12/15 11:23:48
To anybody interested in escaping the pre-holidays hectic with some light reading, Stefan Stuntz, the original creator of MUI, is currently touring New Zealand on his bicycle. He posts photos and reports about his experiences in a German online travel log which he updates frequently.

Links: Tour Overview - Travel Log
Posted By: ASiegel. on 2016/9/23 10:41:38
Due to what is considered to be one of the biggest security breaches in history, all MorphOS users who happen to have a Yahoo account are advised to log in and change their passwords as soon as possible.

On a sidenote, MorphZone was altered to refuse Yahoo email addresses for new user registrations in 2014. This simple step helped to cut down the total amount of spam registrations by 90+ percent.
Posted By: ASiegel. on 2016/7/29 9:49:31
Oliver "Olli" Wagner reportedly passed away at age 45 on Wednesday, July 27. He was one of the original authors of well-known MorphOS & Amiga applications such as the Voyager web browser as well as the AmIRC chat client, which was highly influential and often copied on other platforms. In recent years, he managed Tick TS AG, a company that develops and markets trading software to banks and other clients.Oliver Wagner Has Passed Away
Posted By: ASiegel. on 2015/10/13 18:39:32
On his personal blog, Johannes "Yasu" Genberg has shared his experiences from a recent user meeting in Japan and last weekend´s Amiga30 event in Neuss, Germany. His blog post is well worth the read.

Posted By: Papiosaur. on 2014/7/31 15:38:56
Papiosaurwrites: "I launch a bounty to thank the developers of MorphOS non-commercial software still active to this day.
Posted By: Krashan. on 2013/9/26 7:42:52
After two months of number crunching the Team MorphOS advanced another 100 places up and entered the top 100 of OGR-27 contest. Now is the time for the real struggle. Why not to join our 28 members and accelerate the progress? We are now in the Top 100 of OGR-27 contest
Posted By: Krashan. on 2013/7/28 7:00:35
OGR-27 is a distributed number crunching contest, computing an optimal Golomb ruler. Team MorphOS constists of MorphOS developers and users and takes part in the contest with remarkable results. In just 40 days we have moved 100 places up, and now are at 193. The team has 26 members now, but why not to have more? Everyone is invited.
Posted By: pampers. on 2013/5/28 19:17:23
With current MorphOS 3.2 release, bounty for G5 port is beign closed. Mark 'Bigfoot' Olsen got transferred sum of 13550 PLN. Also Torcs bounty taken by Szilárd „BSzili” Biró is now finished as well. Sum of 681 PLN is already transferred to BSZili. Because the collected amount exceeded bounty goal, BSzili also prepared Speed Dreams port. Both ports can be downloaded from his website. also opened a new bounty for Return to the Roots port ( Bounty is available here. Thanks for all donors involved in past and future bounties!
Posted By: Daff. on 2013/1/18 7:30:36
The Amiga Games List maintained by David 'Daff' Brunet since April 1991 was updated in early 2013 with its 42nd edition. Thus the total reached 11,894 entries as follows:

10 802 Games
912 Extensions or data discs
134 Game/level editors
46 Interpreters

Now, there are 389 native MorphOS games.