Internet : : 1 billion Yahoo accounts were hacked
Posted By: ASiegel. on 2016/12/15 11:31:42
As an update to our previous story on 500 million accounts that had been hacked, Yahoo announced today that one billion accounts may have been compromised in a hack that is separate from the previous one. The company does not currently know how exactly the data has been obtained by a third party. The stolen information includes names, passwords, contact lists, and personalized answers to common security questions.

If you own a Yahoo user account, please update your password as soon as possible.
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    One billion abandoned accounts? :) <- Free music
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    I'm phasing out yahoo and moving to protonmail.
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    via Matthew Green's twitter -

    Kostya Kortchinsky

    Losing all of your customers creds and being owned for years only has a <5% repercussion on a stock. Not sure that makes security worth it.
    PPC assembly ain't so bad... ;)
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