Games : : Strip Fighter II
Posted By: Templario. on 2019/9/18 13:54:37
Where are you in 2002? Do you remember the game Strip Fighter? A game for Amiga classic as you can see in this video:

A strip poker game made with Blizt Basic™ for Amiga classic 68k with graphic card and 68020 CPU.

Seventeen years later.. the same enthusiastic Amigans bring you the opportunity of enjoy the new Strip Fighter II for all Amiga systems running under Hollywood™ Player with new players and rivals and a new challenging game The Chinos, because strip poker games there are many.

Requeriments: Hollywood™ Player v8.0 and Hollywood™ plugin oggvorbis.hwp

Available in these languages:
1. Spanish. 2. English. 3. Italiano. 4. French.

Available free download from here: