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Posted By: Cool_amigaN. on 2022/5/4 15:20:10
Real Amiga SWOS Total Pack ver 1.1 Update [Released] After almost a year of its original release, the first major update has been finally released!

Though most aspects have been further improved, we took extra care on the "Data Disks" section and now, for the first time in the Amiga scene ever, we are offering the complete experience for all World and Euro cups: select your Team directly from the application's menu and relive or rewrite golden moments of football history with historical accurate teams, groups and rules, thus bringing RASTP on par with SWOS 2020 DIY DLC on the PC!

The full feature update list is:

- Added 25 different themes & remixed versions
- Added 18 World Tournaments
- Added 11 extra data disks
- Added 7 Bonus Games
- Added 5 Cracktros
- Added 5 Seasons
- All World Tournaments reworked to include default .DIY cups
- All Data Disks reworked based on clean ADFs
- Integrated GUI'ed HEX editor
- Integrated DIY Random Results Generator
- Integrated custom MagicBeacon notifications
- Integrated Blanker auto de-activation
- Added animated intro (cracktro style)
- Added control options
- Added Grunch support
- Added support for Amiga Forever ROM files (rom.key)
- Added Fullscreen help (quit key info)
- Improved update script
- Minor GUI improvements
+ Fixed:
- COPA AFRICA: 2010 now propetly loads
- E-UAE / JIT uaerc for newly added seasons

For more details per item, please consult the "What's New" intro in app or the updated Readme.

If you missed the live release party on twitch stream, see it HERE.

If you haven't downloaded yet RASTP, you can find HERE or through the newly addition of Grunch.

All users are advised to update through the in app Live Updater or through Grunch.

Stay Sensible!
  • Butterfly
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    First of all: Thanks!

    But secondly, please apologize my stupid question: What's the use of this...? I already had not understand as you released it a year ago...

    I do know the original Amiga game "Sensible World of Soccer". Okay, and what is your project?
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  • Order of the Butterfly
    Order of the Butterfly
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    From: Greece

    Congratulations man and thx for the updated pack!
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  • jPV
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    Paladin of the Pegasos
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    From: po-RNO
    Simply put it's a GUI to launch Sensible World of Soccer game in an emulated environment.

    What makes it special is that it contains almost all variations of the game and data related to the game that has been released in almost 30 years, officially and unofficially. The GUI lets you to choose any combinations of that data, from graphics and sound sets of different game versions and platforms to team/player data from different years.

    There are tons of data disks to choose real-world event setups from 1930 to 2022, which are result of work by the SWOS community. Tournament setups can be viewed as well as other documentation. Gameplay tactics can be changed from original releases and there's an extenisive Tactic Viewer to analyse the new updated tactics/formations. The pack also includes special versions of the game from magazine cover disk releases to versions from other platforms (SNES, GameBoy, Game Gear, Master System).

    Some binary patching takes place to let you to define players for loaded DIY competition and to make results random, which they weren't in the original version.

    There's also some other functionality that doesn't affect to the game itself, but is for convenience if you want to arrange multiplayer competitions at events or hack SWOS files yourself. The pack also contains intro animation, music remixes, cracktros to launch with the game, etc.

    There are similar "total packs" for PC, but Cool_amigaN has made a huge work by compiling all the data and knowledge, and created/processed Amiga compatible files over and over again, to make this pack for our platform. And I've been helping to fulfill his wildest dreams in code-wise :P

    So, you could say it's the ultimate collection of data to play for every SWOS maniac with everything at your fingertips. And it improves the original game series in many aspects.
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  • Butterfly
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    Thanks so much!
    Damn it, now I have to write an article...;)
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