Games : : "CyberSphere - a cyberpunk adventure" now available for MorphOS
Posted By: g0blin. on 2021/10/7 9:43:11
"Cybersphere - A cyberpunk adventure" by GDG Entertainment has been released and it's available in a collectors' edition at BitmapSoft for MorphOS users.

CyberSphere is an icon-driven game developed with text adventures in mind. Explore a cyberpunk-themed world spreading across a fictional town, its undergrounds and the outer space above it to discover its secrets. Traverse the voxels-made environment using an icon-based mechanics instead of typing text.

You are a hacker living Chiba City, home of your online rides in the cyberspace and land of smugglers, fixers and data thieves. One day you wake up in your apartment with an abnormal and pounding headache. Your vision is blurred, you keep staggering and it’s difficult to walk. Apparently, you have been out of business at least for a few days now, but you don’t remember what happened since your memories are quite confused. From the fog, fragments of the recent past seem to emerge, yet words like “Blipvert” and “Family Project” bear no meaning to you.

What lurks behind them?

GDG Entertainment Official Page
BitmapSoft Collector's Edition Page
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