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Posted By: ausPPC. on 2012/12/25 8:41:28
Frank Mariak was at Pianeta Amiga with MorphOS on an ACube Sam460 and Francois Revol was also there with his early efforts of porting Haiku to the same platform.

Apparently, this can be queried here -
Other resources: ACube@facebook - HaikuOS@Pianeta
Posted By: mailman. on 2010/12/23 12:01:26
On 13th November the tenth installment of AmiParty took place. A report from the event is being already available for a quite long time but only for those who speak Polish. Starting from today it is also available for the rest of the world - it was translated into English. Enjoy the reading!
Posted By: ASiegel. on 2008/11/13 18:48:17

Amitopia TV have published a video report showcasing MorphOS on a Mac Mini. You can watch the report via Flash-enabled web browsers on the following two websites. Alternatively, you may contact the author at to download a high-quality version.

Google Video: Watch it here!
Vimeo: Watch it here!

Special note: The show report starts at 6 minutes into the video.
Posted By: NovaBurst. on 2007/3/22 15:20:37
What? Two great interviews in one week? Who else could bring you this, but The AROS Show!

Check out the newest interview with Pavel "Sonic" Fedin!

He talks about his work on VESA, MOSNet, MorphOS and more.
Posted By: NovaBurst. on 2007/3/20 16:28:03
The AROS Show has interviewed Marco van den Heuvel aka Blacky Stardust.

He offers his thoughts on AROS, other VICE ports and what led him to become a VICE Developer.

Check it out here!
Posted By: tarbos. on 2005/11/26 17:39:59
PPCNUX made a follow-up to their 3D card comparison with the 8500 chip as a contender for the title of "fastest MorphOS gfxcard".

Additionally, the German translation lists the 2D results of the previously tested cards.
Posted By: tarbos. on 2005/11/13 0:29:13
PPCNUX made a little study comparing 3 different MOS-supported gfxcards representing lowend, midrange/entry and current highend choices with all 3 generations of the popular Quake 3D-shooter series.
Posted By: Coder. on 2004/2/14 15:55:24
Since the next issue of Magazine is still on hold I decided to publish the articles I had for that issue on my site. Also since they bring certain work in the spotlight and keeping them on the shelve is not doing them any good. The articles are:

Interview Michael Ness about Mattathias BASIC

Kick Off Gathering

ADA (Amiga Demoscene Archive)

You can view them by going here.
Posted By: Targhan. on 2004/1/7 18:21:26
Spanish Documentation for the Pegasos-][ is now available. The document is in HTML format and can be downloaded as either ZIP or LHA.

Special thanks to Juan Carlos Marcos Rodrguez who voluntarily translated the manual!
Posted By: Targhan. on 2003/10/28 17:20:06
The day that some feared, others looked forward to, and some never even thought about is here. An enterprising company called StarRoms is the first to break the mold of emulation gaming by offering legal roms to it's customers.

"ReadMore" for the full story.