Reports : : 3D gaming on MOS - Radeon 9000 or 8500?
Posted By: tarbos. on 2005/11/26 17:39:59
PPCNUX made a follow-up to their 3D card comparison with the 8500 chip as a contender for the title of "fastest MorphOS gfxcard".

Additionally, the German translation lists the 2D results of the previously tested cards.
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    What does "LE" stand for?
    MorphOS is Amiga done right! :-)
    MorphOS NG will be AROS done right! :-)
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    Low End.

    With most of cards it usually means that the memory bus has half of the bandwitch, but R7500 and R8500 are different on this, they only have lower clock speeds (lower, but not as low as half)
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    >What does "LE" stand for?

    Not sure, what does "GT" "GS" "GTS" "GTO" "GTX" mean? ;-)
    Maybe it means "Light Edition", which typically descibes a 3rd party 8500 card with 250/250 clock instead of 275/275 the original ATI cards used - not a big difference at all.
    The memory bandwidth is still 8GB/s compared to 8.8GB/s with the original ATI 8500 - or 2.7GB/s with the crippled 64Bit 9200SE cards (hey, I have potentially faster RAM on my Pegasos II mainboard!)...
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