Reports : : MorphOS & Mac Mini in Bad Bramstedt
Posted By: ASiegel. on 2008/11/13 18:48:17

Amitopia TV have published a video report showcasing MorphOS on a Mac Mini. You can watch the report via Flash-enabled web browsers on the following two websites. Alternatively, you may contact the author at to download a high-quality version.

Google Video: Watch it here!
Vimeo: Watch it here!

Special note: The show report starts at 6 minutes into the video.
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    You can download the report from Google Video of course. Thx! :). | My Rifle, My Bunny, and Me
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    this is so cooool.

    i can't wait to try the MOS on my mac-mini.

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    Nice work Amix :) You roxx
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    It's really great to watch a substantial Amiga news video like that with the MOD-type music and inside stories and so forth. Thanks, AmixPPC! And then we have a good magazine in Amiga Future too, where I see they review MorphOS 2.1 this month? We're lucky to have people putting these together for us and helping to keep the OS living and progressing. I don't think bigfoot's tech-evangelism skills are on par with his code just yet, but he still did pretty good there.
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    bigfoot was the only one who was forced to talk in English. Jens didnt do his speech in English, but in German etc :)

    I try to do something great with Amitopia TV. My main goal is to improve it for every release.

    Thanks for the warm words. This keeps me going,... If you have any ideas on what I should improve on or do better, send it by e-mail to:

    If you have done any type of music that you let me use, that would be nice.

    Take Care,
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