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Posted By: glames. on 2008/6/12 17:24:30
A new version of Word Me Up XXL for MorphOS is now available.
Posted By: Tcheko. on 2008/5/26 21:21:57
A new solution for housing your Efika will be available end of june.

The kit consist of :

- machined aluminium case
- picoPSU 90W + AC/DC converter
- assembly instructions

The solution is priced at 119? + shipping cost.

For more information :
for ordering :
Posted By: platon42. on 2008/5/8 17:41:54
Six years after introducing USB to the Amiga Classic, E3B (Michael B?hmer) and PCP (Chris Hodges) are pleased to announce the new USB 2.0 Zorro II/III DMA controller DENEB.

Please read all details of the DENEB on our website in the press release and the product page.

DENEB is available from now on directly at E3B and selected Amiga dealers.

Why is this relevant for MorphOS? Because the card also works under MorphOS PUP and can be used to boot MorphOS PUP directly from FlashRom.
Posted By: Targhan. on 2006/2/20 15:23:24

AUSTIN, Texas - February 20th, 2006 - Freescale Semiconductor (NYSE: FSL, FSL.B) is supporting with a mobileGT development platform that taps into a large open source development community, helping drive the PowerPC® architecture into more commercial and industrial applications.

A collaborative effort between Freescale and Genesi USA, Inc., a new mobileGT Alliance member, introduces application opportunities based on the Power Architecture® to members of Genesi's open source developer communities as well as member developers. The technology bundle combines Freescale's MPC5200B microprocessor based on the Power Architecture® and Genesi's EFIKA reference platform with integrated open source software stack.

For more, go to the Genesi Press Release!
Posted By: Targhan. on 2005/9/27 4:31:19
As alluded to in the forums by none other than Bill and Raquel, the big news has come.  Announced tonight on

A dual 970M powered "Open Server Workstation" will be developed by Genesi; additionally Genesi has joined  With's mission to push Power Architecture as the preferencial open standard hardware development platform for the electronics industry, and Genesi's announcement of a dual 970M platform, the future of PowerPC is quickly turning from vision to reality.

Need More?  Then, pack up your reading glasses, and pay a visit to the Official Press Release at   Also, enjoy the article at
Posted By: Targhan. on 2005/9/6 18:59:19
According to the latest Press Release, Genesi has announced that it will be providing, under license, the Pegasos hardware abstraction layer and IEEE 1275 compliant Open Firmware for Marvell's Discover II and Discovery III development boards.
Posted By: ironfist. on 2005/7/15 18:38:24
Yes, I am not kidding. Over at you can access a virtual lab with Open Desktop Workstations. This is primarily for evaluating if the platform is right for you or your company. It is possible to upload your own code for a test-drive, and many of other actions are available too. You can schedule the lab months ahead, wherever in the world you are, whichever timezone you are in..

The Genesi Press Release
Posted By: Targhan. on 2005/7/5 16:18:21
Available for a limited time through, G3 Pegasos II mainboards are available with reduced pricing.

While stock lasts, G3 Pegasos II mainboards are only $299 (250eur). For more information, please refer to the Forum Topic
Posted By: todi. on 2005/1/25 23:09:43
AmigaZeux announce continued support for MorphOS thanks to the Genesi/Freescale developer support program.

Our promised ODW's arrived just yesterday and today. Big thumbs-up to Genesi for making this support possible in the first place for an OS that many people already see dead and unsupported. If "dead and unsupported" means developers still get free hardware for developing software, we wonder what it would be like if MorphOS was fully supported. :)

Read all about it on
Posted By: liquidbit. on 2004/11/18 18:47:31
An Italian website which focuses on maintaining and updating drivers for the 3dfx Voodoo video cards have managed to get DoomIII running at very reasonable frame rates.