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Posted By: ironfist. on 2004/11/8 17:33:20
Ironfist of tried out an M-Systems 256 MB iDOC (Disk-on-Chip) with his Pegasos II G4.

Read the article here.
Posted By: palpatine. on 2004/11/6 15:23:22
Computer City introduces the PC/TV case, a computer case with built-in 15" TFT screen and TV Tuner, with space for any microATX sized mainboard.

More information and pictures on Computer City's homepage.
Posted By: tarbos. on 2004/10/18 18:53:41
PPCNUX looked inside the machine that not only comes with Linux but also MorphOS preinstalled on HD. If you cannot read German, the 14 pictures might still interest you. For dare-devils there remains an infamous babelfish translation.
Posted By: ironfist. on 2004/8/3 10:26:59
Today GGS-Data in Sweden recieved a bunch of G4's for immediate shipping.

Find out more on GGS-Data.
Posted By: ironfist. on 2004/7/26 23:00:29 made a review of the Caster Tiny Tower mATX case manufactured by Yeong Yung. It is well suited for a Pegasos. Have a look at it here.
Posted By: liquidbit. on 2004/7/7 19:38:50
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Commodore is back, this time with its an MP3 player. Dubbed the e-Vic, it's named after the old Vic-20 games machine. The connection: the e-Vic has a 20GB hard drive.
Posted By: ironfist. on 2004/6/22 14:58:43
Ironfist of wrote a review of the Antec Aria MicroATX Cube. Read it here.
Posted By: takemehomegrandma. on 2004/4/23 11:49:11
In a Press Release, Genesi announces a new CPU card for the Pegasos II computers. It will be based on the upcoming IBM 750 GX CPU and will carry the licensed PPC trademark. It will be used in new Pegasos II computers, but it will also be sold separately to current Pegasos II owners.
Posted By: Targhan. on 2004/4/5 18:04:49
An updated firmware update is available to Pegasos2 owners.

Main changes in this OpenFirmware version are :

- Network boot 10/100 ( setenv client-ip/setenv server-ip )
- 256MB memory limitation under Linux removed
- RAM Timing changes for better support of different memory modules
- additional RTAS functions

MZ Note: is that an image I see?

Flash update Pegasos II
Posted By: Mithalas. on 2004/3/17 16:35:38
It looks that we might see a forward movement of a wonderful platform.

"In the latest indication of just how serious IBM is about rallying support for its POWER brand, the company has scheduled an event dedicated to the microprocessor architecture in New York City for the end of the month."

Click here for the complete article on