Hardware : : MPC5200B Microprocessor Opportunities
Posted By: Targhan. on 2006/2/20 15:23:24
From www.GenesiPPC.com

AUSTIN, Texas - February 20th, 2006 - Freescale Semiconductor (NYSE: FSL, FSL.B) is supporting Power.org with a mobileGT development platform that taps into a large open source development community, helping drive the PowerPC® architecture into more commercial and industrial applications.

A collaborative effort between Freescale and Genesi USA, Inc., a new mobileGT Alliance member, introduces application opportunities based on the Power Architecture® to members of Genesi's open source developer communities as well as Power.org member developers. The technology bundle combines Freescale's MPC5200B microprocessor based on the Power Architecture® and Genesi's EFIKA reference platform with integrated open source software stack.

For more, go to the Genesi Press Release!
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    Order of the Butterfly
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    One more step in the right direction. broadening the portfolio can
    only be good for business!!
  • »2006/2/21 13:03
  • Order of the Butterfly
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    Interesting to see MorphOS mentioned.
  • »2006/2/21 17:06
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    Ralph Schmidt said many times there will be no enduser MorphOS support for Efika.
  • »2006/2/21 17:56
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  • ASiegel
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    @ Krashan

    He said there are no plans for an end user release. The EFIKA is not even available right now for mere mortals, so any discussion about a publically available MorphOS version for this particular piece of hardware is pure speculation and premature...

    Moreover, in the context of the MobileGT framework, the EFIKA is not really targeted at end users anyway. Freescale sells it to business clients...
  • »2006/2/22 7:16