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Posted By: kas1e. on 2009/12/5 20:03:30
Diskmag about demoscene and coding on/for Amiga and Amiga-like computers. "The Vague" is the first multiplatform Warp3D-based Amiga diskmag ever!

Currently we release only Warp3D version (os3,os4,mos and aros) and in next weeks we will release online-html and aga-rtg versions.
Posted By: Daff. on 2009/11/2 3:51:37
The following articles have been added to the website of the french Amiga/MorphOS magazine Obligement ( during the last two months :
Posted By: Daff. on 2009/10/31 6:23:35
The magazine Obligement published an interview with Mark Olsen, member of the MorphOS development team. Mark is perhaps best known for his Quake 3 port, 3D drivers work and recently the port of MorphOS on Mac mini G4.

The interview is available here:
A French translation can be found here:
Posted By: MorphDelf. on 2009/10/25 9:24:25
Amitopia TV is once again back with another show for you. It contains mixed content. A highlight of this month's episode is a short MorphOS presentation held by Mark 'bigfoot' Olsen at the Amiga Meeting event in Bad Bramstedt.

Download it here:
Amitopia TV 23rd of October<span style="font-weight: bold;"> </span>(720x576 - Format: MP4 - Size: 284MB)
Posted By: stephen_robinson. on 2009/10/9 20:27:40 reviewed MorphOS 2 on EFIKA. The full review can be found on their site:
Posted By: Daff. on 2009/8/28 0:22:57
The magazine Obligement have published a review of the new released version 2.3 of MorphOS.

The article in french :
The article in english (automatic translation) :‏
Posted By: Daff. on 2009/8/11 19:13:44
The magazine Obligement published today a benchmark comparison of AmigaOS 4.1 and MorphOS 2.3 running on a Pegasos II. The overall comparisons is based on 20 benchmark categories, which include boot time, processor, 3D, USB, IDE hard disk, WarpOS emulation, 68k emulation, etc. No subjective comparison was made, all benchmarks are based strictly on numbers.

The article was written in French but very easy to understand. You may read it at
Posted By: MorphDelf. on 2009/7/17 7:39:36
Just wanted you to know that newest Amitopia TV is out. This show contains News,
Guides and Musicvideos.

Later this week I will release parts of the show on YouTube.
Posted By: Daff. on 2009/7/5 10:02:48
The following articles have been added to the website of the french Amiga/MorphOS magazine Obligement ( during the last two months ... (Click on Read More for the full text.)

Posted By: Daff. on 2009/5/25 18:53:50
The magazine Obligement publish today an interview with Fabien Coeurjoly, an Amiga/MorphOS developper from France.

The interview is available in french :