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Posted By: stephen_robinson. on 2009/10/9 20:27:40 reviewed MorphOS 2 on EFIKA. The full review can be found on their site:
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    Interesting reading, a point of view of someone being outside the community. It is worth noting that incoming Mac mini port may attract some new users, as mini has good price/value ratio and is relatively easy to obtain. Then MorphOS is easier for "Amiga-newbie" user from the start. I hope for doubling the userbase with the Mini release of MorphOS.

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    yes interesting article, but i doubt that the mac mini release will increase the user base significantly, not with such a high priced MorphOS. We'll see.
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    @ Soundsquare

    Agree, the high price maybe a kind of show stopper. But with a 99EUR pricetag I would be pretty confodent to at least double or triple the user base. But also with the current price scheme i guess there will be some new users.

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    is it really so big problem to provide a pegasos/g4 for such review? i guess there would be space for much more applications and morphos abilities to test then...

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    I agree with all of you who said the user base may double. I agree that many more units will sell with a lower price tag, and MorphOS Team will make more profit if it lowers the price.
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