Hardware : : Flash update Pegasos II
Posted By: Targhan. on 2004/4/5 18:04:49
An updated firmware update is available to Pegasos2 owners.

Main changes in this OpenFirmware version are :

- Network boot 10/100 ( setenv client-ip/setenv server-ip )
- 256MB memory limitation under Linux removed
- RAM Timing changes for better support of different memory modules
- additional RTAS functions

MZ Note: is that an image I see?

Embedded image

The bplan page

Please use the upmost care when upgrading the firmware, as a mistake can cause system failure. Read the instructions FIRST!
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    YES YES YES !!!
    bplan you did it again!


    A md5-key information of that file on the web-site would be nice.
    Anyway it works and I see a 'b' logo btw ;-)

    MD5: dea2d54d14726bb818e5fa3be9610fcc
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    will this updated bios ship with the new boards?
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