Hardware : : Review: Antec Aria Cube mATX
Posted By: ironfist. on 2004/6/22 13:58:43
Ironfist of Pegasos.org wrote a review of the Antec Aria MicroATX Cube. Read it here.
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    Nice Case, but I would prefer a passive Power-supply... 0db
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    It seems that I chose wisely... I wanted this case for my next Pegasos a while ago and discovered that one user (here) wanted it too, another one had it already and now that it has been reviewed as a great case for Pegasos!!
    That could mean I'm a perfect "trend analyzer" or that my ideas are not so original as I first thought... ;-)
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    I have an Aria and you can BARELY hear the PS fan. If you couple that with a G3 cpu card and gfx card with no fan, you have a nearly silent machine. Really, the rear 120mm fan spins very slow (yet pushes alot of air) and is near-silent. Can't really beat that....unless you can find a compatible external PS like those on the A1200 and A500....if you do let me know :)

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