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Posted By: Stevo. on 2020/1/5 12:12:42

We at #amigazeux are pleased to release Screenshot.sbar V1.0. It can grab single Windows, multiple Windows, freely selectable rectangle areas, even areas simply drawn with the mouse and much more while residing patiently in your screens titlebar.

  • Can grab windows, entire screens or just a freely selectable portion of the screen
  • Can grab windows including their shadows
  • Can grab the Mouse Pointer too
  • Can overlay a watermark image over taken screenshots
  • Can superimpose an editable text over taken screenshots
  • Freely setable Grab-Delay
  • Nice fluidly animated countdown window
  • Sounds for countdown and grabbing
  • Iris Animation when grabbing
  • Can run a script after grabbing is done

Comes with a built in paint program to:

  • Easily blur out, obfusciate or highlight texts and areas of the image
  • Offers a nice symmetry tool known for example from Deluxe Paint
  • Can draw arrows pointing at different things which is cool too!
  • As a bonus it comes also as a separate program (see Bonus Drawer)

Get Screenshot.sbar V1.0 here!

Posted By: pegasos-sigi2. on 2018/3/22 17:29:37
InstantZip 3.3

InstantZip now also uses the xad.library from MorphOS. Thus, it can now also unpack RAR, LHA, BZIP2, a.s.o.
Posted By: pegasos-sigi2. on 2018/3/12 12:27:00
InstantZip 3.2

Screenshot: Link

+ Based on libzip 1.3.0
+ support bzip2 compression
+ includet text and picture viewer
Posted By: Templario. on 2018/2/24 19:08:12
There is a new version of V.A.M.P. multimedia player (made with Hollywood), V.A.M.P. play videos, sound and music files, show pictures and animations, using the Hollywood plugins.
Posted By: pegasos-sigi2. on 2017/3/1 9:07:18
Version 3.1 of InstantZip introduces support for encrypted files.

Encryption / decryption: AES - 128, AES - 192, AES - 256
Decryption: PKware

Download: InstantZip 3.1
Posted By: pegasos-sigi2. on 2016/4/15 12:19:00

ics2csv convert iCalendar files to CSV format, or show the data.
Editing or removing single data rows is possible.
Posted By: pegasos-sigi2. on 2016/2/20 19:31:52
WebPButton 0.1

This is a simple prog to demonstrate animated buttons on Ambient.
This is alpha and support only WebP pictures and animations to display.
Posted By: pegasos-sigi2. on 2015/3/15 16:42:02
wmf2x is a new tool for converting WMF (Windows Metafile Format) files to PNG, SVG or PDF format.

wmf2x 1.0
Posted By: igracki. on 2015/3/15 16:20:44
This sbar module allows you to use the google translator feature from your screenbar: Just click on the Google-Translator symbol in the screenbar, a window will be opened where you can write the word or sentence you want to translate into the first string gadget. The text will be instantly translated while you are typing!

There are also two custom popup gadgets to choose the source and translated language. Also, Its now possible to open the translator window by pressing the hotkey alt-#. This can be customized in the settings.

Note: You can mark the translated text with the mouse then use the contextmenu to copy it to the clipboard!
Posted By: MaaG. on 2013/12/22 10:05:21
PciTool is a program showing the parameters installed PCI cards underwent a complete renovation. In version 3.0 has been completely rewritten version - remove the library supports openpci.library and add - native version for MorphOS - which is a library pcix.library. For this reason - the new version is only available in a version for computers running the MorphOS system.
Program can be download from the autor's webpage or from Aminet