Tools : : gTranslator.sbar v3.1 with clipboard support!
Posted By: igracki. on 2015/3/15 15:20:44
This sbar module allows you to use the google translator feature from your screenbar: Just click on the Google-Translator symbol in the screenbar, a window will be opened where you can write the word or sentence you want to translate into the first string gadget. The text will be instantly translated while you are typing!

There are also two custom popup gadgets to choose the source and translated language. Also, Its now possible to open the translator window by pressing the hotkey alt-#. This can be customized in the settings.

Note: You can mark the translated text with the mouse then use the contextmenu to copy it to the clipboard!

New in v3.1:
- Cut&Tras´te feature
You are now able to translate text from any program which supports Cut&Paste. Just mark the text you want to translate and press rcommand-shift-x (changeable), after some time (a bubble appears saying that gTranslator is working) the marked text gets replaced by the translated text!

- Clipboard hook, default is inactive
Mark a text f.e. in OWB, then choose to copy it to the clipboard, gTranslator then displays the translated text in a bubble-help! You can activate/deactivate this feature with a right mouseclick over the gTranslators screenbar image, from the menu (Edit/Clipboard hook) of its window or with a hotkey (defaults to rcommand-shift-c) to toggle this feature. A little "*" in the screenbar image shows that it is activated. The bubble-help can be closed by clicking the left mousebutton or by pressing ESC.

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    I love the gTranslator.sbar. It works great, looks great and is very helpful. Thank you!
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    Ditto . . . . . . . . A brilliantly implemented little utility, and . . . . . . . just what a body needs ! ;-)
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