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Posted By: spotUP. on 2012/3/19 8:24:19
SpotUp writes. "There has been a fair amount of talk recently about unity and co-operation between all of the Amiga camps (OS3, OS4, AROS and MorphOS). Many of us are tired of the divisions that cause many arguments and slow down progess. What we'd like to see is more co-operation between developers and users, just like we had in the good old days...
Posted By: Krashan. on 2011/9/8 2:20:32
The MorphOS Team just released an update to the Software Development Kit for MorphOS. The main feature of this update is Scribble, a modern and versatile programmer's editor based of well known Scintilla editor component. Scintilla has been ported and converted to a public MUI class. Scribble, aimed mainly at C/C++ development, is well integrated with the rest of SDK. What is most important, Scribble has built-in code scanning technology. It allows syntax highlighting, smart autocompletion, hinting constants, structure members, function arguments and more, to work not only with the system API, but also the project code. Fast code browsing is possible via file list, function list and jumping to function declaration or definition. The system API documentation may be accessed with a single mouse click. A short movie shows Scribble in action and presents many features mentioned above.
Posted By: ASiegel. on 2011/7/19 19:40:07

The MorphOS development team would like to announce that a new version of the MorphOS Software Development Kit 2 is now available. All developers who are interested to upgrade their existing MorphOS development infrastructure will need a computer running MorphOS 2.7 and at least 300 MB of free disk space.

The July 2011 release of the MorphOS SDK 2 includes the following changes:

  • GCC 4.4.5, 2.95.4
  • Fixed GCC 2.95.3 not to generate AltiVec code in C++ exceptions handling

You can download the MorphOS SDK 2 in our files section.

Posted By: Papiosaur. on 2011/4/21 20:01:08
RELEC society in partnership with website http://www.meta organizes a competition open to all programmers on the planet.

A development machine for MorphOS is to win: it's a EFIKA 5200B "DELUXE EDITION", a unique prototype proposed by RELEC. The list of elements is given later in this article.
Posted By: Tcheko. on 2011/4/12 15:03:30
Antoine Dubourg a.k.a. Tcheko released its latest production : spellchecker.library 1.0

This new library offers spellchecking feature based on a dictionary of words. It uses common and efficient spellchecking algorithms : double metaphone and Levenshtein distance (used in major Office package like OpenOffice, AbiWord...). This first release is aimed mainly at developer as no application currently uses spellchecker.library. 
Posted By: MaaG. on 2011/4/3 8:47:36
A set of programs for creating and editing makefiles called MakeTools has been updated to version 1.1. The work focused on the removal of several more or less serious errors earlier version. In addition, using Makemake, you can modify the contents of the file Makemake (argument SET) and read the value (argument GET) from other programs or command line. The archive contains versions for MorphOS and AmigaOS3 is available on the website of the author or from Aminet.
Posted By: ChrisH. on 2011/2/7 17:47:44
I am releasing a "full preview" of the next version of the PortablE programming language. It is now aimed at beginners & those new to the E language. Previous releases of PortablE were aimed at existing AmigaE users, and those familiar with AmigaOS programming. But after more than a year of development, PortablE is much easier for beginners to pick-up & play with...
Posted By: MaaG. on 2010/12/14 23:22:00
<span style="font-weight: bold;">MakeTool</span> is a new option for people who write software, create, and other locations for which the use of scripts makefile smakefile this bread.
Posted By: Krashan. on 2010/9/3 20:31:44
ChocolateCastle is a template source code generator for MUI and Reggae classes. Current version generates C sources for internal classes, linked with the main program. The class skeleton code is customized with nice, MUI based graphical interface. Generating Reggae classes is a new feature of version 0.6. The program is distributed with source code and may be downloaded from the download section.
Posted By: stefkos. on 2010/6/19 19:19:23
The very first release of a plug-in SDK for the applications Sketch and Scandal has been published.. If you are a developer, you can now create your own effect plug-in  for these two applications. You can download the SDK archive from here

Please make sure to read the included documentation / source comments and then compile, compile, compile.

-MorphOS SDK 2 must be installed
-Knowledge about graphics programming
-Free time

We will be looking forward to test your plug-ins!