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Posted By: Targhan. on 2003/8/7 21:57:09
See the webcam from Assembly 2003 HERE!
 Assembly 2003  Assembly 2003
Posted By: Targhan. on 2003/7/13 1:06:44

We're sure that many of you will remember the great Amiga disk copier, Project D. Mister Zoil Enterprises, new to AmiWest, will be exhibiting the work of Ben Fuller, the author of Project D and other great Amiga software.

We've asked Glenn Fuller, Ben's father and the exhibitor for Mister Zoil Enterprises, to explain a little bit about Mister Zoil and the special meaning this exhibit has. Here is what he had to say...
Posted By: Targhan. on 2003/7/12 19:59:47
Bill and Raquel released more information about Genei's involvement at AmiWest in an open letter to the community today. Please visit the Genesi AmiWest page for more information.

Click HERE for the skinny!
Posted By: Targhan. on 2003/7/9 4:21:32
The Pegasos will be at the Benelux Amiga Show in Rotterdam with LinuxPPC,
MOL, MorphOS, and more! Don't just read the reports, see MorphOS and
Pegasos for yourself!

Genesi's Benelux Page

Benelux Amiga Show
Posted By: Targhan. on 2003/7/2 8:03:42
Genesi is on the road and appearing at various shows and hosting their own don't-miss technology events highlighting the amazing Pegasos computer platform and the MorphOS operating system!

You can now keep up with Genesi's busy schedule and see where they'll be next by visiting the official event web pages at and selecting the event you're interested in attending.

Upcoming events include appearances at established events like Amiwest in Sacramento, CA, AmigaFest in Dayton, OH and Genesi are planning their own events starting with Fort Worth, TX, New York City and some major events planned for Orlando, FL and the Washington, DC area.
Posted By: zacman. on 2003/6/28 19:48:30
Ron van Herk has just told some first impressions from the show.

The show was very well visited, more than 100 users did attend. Genesi showed the VideoMicrowave, a prototype of the STB case and of course the Pegasos and MorphOS. People could play with 4 Pegasos and 1 AmigaOne computers. Most people were impressed by the VideoMicrowave and they also liked the shown beta versions of Bars'n'Pipes and FotoFoto for MorphOS. Some visitors also took the chance and bought a Pegasos board directly at the show at the ComputerCity booth.

You can see some pictures: HERE.

See the report on:
Posted By: Targhan. on 2003/6/15 20:40:34
AmiWest will see the long awaited release of MorphOS 1.4 and the Trance JIT engine. See Pegasos at AmiWest!

Links: AmiWest, MorphOS at AmiWest, PegasosPPC
Posted By: palpatine. on 2003/5/13 15:24:03
Genesi will attend the Amiga Party, held on june 28th in Maarssen, the Netherlands
Posted By: Targhan. on 2003/3/12 18:18:57
Today CeBIT starts, and so does #CeBIT on ARCNet! Anyone can point their favorite IRC client to #CeBIT on any of the ARCNet servers to join the MorphOS/Genesi team LIVE at CeBIT!

WebChat available to registered MorphZone users above (after login).