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Posted By: palpatine. on 2003/10/3 9:01:49
Matay has sent their Prometheus programming device off to Rotterdam, so that visitors to the Benelux Amiga / Pegasos Show can bring their Prometheus board to the show, and get the DMA upgrade for FREE!
Posted By: on 2003/10/1 22:46:05
Posted By: palpatine. on 2003/9/29 15:29:36
And yet another world premiere for the Benelux Amiga / Pegasos Show!

At the Rotterdam event, Tyragroup will show their new home multimedia system, based on Pegasos and MorphOS, to the public for the very first time. More information will become available during the show.

For more information:
Benelux Pegasos Show
Posted By: Targhan. on 2003/9/29 4:58:18
Genesi is pleased to announce that there will be two Pegasos presentations at user groups in Texas this October! We've got a state and a presentation so big we need to do it twice!

David Lund of the AmigaMCCC will be demonstrating the Pegasos on October 13th at the University of Texas at Arlington

Alex Bartonek of the Central Texas Amiga Computing Society will present the Pegaos in a demonstration on October 20th at 6:30pm group meeting in Austin, Texas.
Posted By: Targhan. on 2003/9/27 18:37:54
According to, the project leader of "Digibooster Pro" for MorphOS, Dennis Lohr, will be demonstrating Digibooster Pro for the first time at the Benelux Pegasos Show.
Posted By: Targhan. on 2003/9/24 17:21:18
The Pegasos Technology Presentation show in Washington DC on Oct. 18'th is confirmed. Please see the Washington Show Page for details.
Posted By: Targhan. on 2003/9/19 21:27:43
The NYC Pegasos User Group and Magnetic Systems are having their Open House Pegasos Show in co-operation with Genesi this Saturday the 20th of September from 12pm -5pm. All are invited!

Here is a brief event schedule:
Posted By: Targhan. on 2003/9/15 21:56:35
Pianeta Amiga 2003 is near. The annual and most important Italian Amiga show will take place Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 of September.

Source: MorphOS-News
Posted By: Targhan. on 2003/8/18 19:55:36
e.p.i.c. interactive entertainment gmbh will be presenting its portfolio of games for niche platforms at the Games Convention in Leipzig from 21.8.-24.8.2003. The port of "Northland" will make its debut at Games Convention for the Mac. With a little luck also a first version of "Northland" will be shown for the Pegasos. You will find us at Leipzig in exhibition centre 3 at the stand of our distribution partners in the pc market bb Verlagsgesellschaft (Stand G31).

Sources: MorphOS-News &
Posted By: Targhan. on 2003/8/14 4:01:37
Nope, the pictures from Assembly are not yet finished filtering in! See the fresh batch HERE!!