Events : : New Genesi events schedule and information.
Posted By: Targhan. on 2003/7/2 8:03:42
Genesi is on the road and appearing at various shows and hosting their own don't-miss technology events highlighting the amazing Pegasos computer platform and the MorphOS operating system!

You can now keep up with Genesi's busy schedule and see where they'll be next by visiting the official event web pages at and selecting the event you're interested in attending.

Upcoming events include appearances at established events like Amiwest in Sacramento, CA, AmigaFest in Dayton, OH and Genesi are planning their own events starting with Fort Worth, TX, New York City and some major events planned for Orlando, FL and the Washington, DC area.

You'll be able to meet with the people working behind the scenes at Genesi and get hands-on time with Pegasos itself. This is the real deal and you'll be able to test drive our hardware and software yourself. So don't miss out - visit and look for Genesi coming to your part of the world.