Events : : Short Show report from the Amiga Show 2003
Posted By: zacman. on 2003/6/28 19:48:30
Ron van Herk has just told some first impressions from the show.

The show was very well visited, more than 100 users did attend. Genesi showed the VideoMicrowave, a prototype of the STB case and of course the Pegasos and MorphOS. People could play with 4 Pegasos and 1 AmigaOne computers. Most people were impressed by the VideoMicrowave and they also liked the shown beta versions of Bars'n'Pipes and FotoFoto for MorphOS. Some visitors also took the chance and bought a Pegasos board directly at the show at the ComputerCity booth.

You can see some pictures: HERE.

See the report on:
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    Nice photos. Could you please add captions if possible, especially to identify people? It's always nice to connect names and faces.

    -- gary_c
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    the VideoMicrowave sucks its no where near the quality nor the technological marvel of the nt toaster . so it sure as heck cant touch the Amiga toaster. best stay with the mac stuff thats here. the pegasos is a mac after all. :-D
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