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Posted By: palpatine. on 2003/6/14 8:47:10
Inga release for MorphOS imminent

Rotterdam, june 14th 2003. Computer City is about to release Inga for for the MorphOS/Pegasos platform. The new release will also contain the original AmigaOS and AmigaDE versions.

For more information:
Computer City

Inutilis Software
Posted By: Amizilla. on 2003/6/11 9:37:56
The AmiZilla site has been updated.
Posted By: magnetic. on 2003/6/10 6:41:58
We have launched our website
Posted By: Targhan. on 2003/6/8 8:59:51
A quick review of MorphOS MAME with the Maguila interface, including screenshots: HERE

UPDATE: Aminet has updated, you can now download Maguila! Please note that this file is in excess of 20 megabytes.
Posted By: Targhan. on 2003/6/7 23:11:28
There is a review of the USB Zip100 drive from a MorphOS user's perspective now available online HERE.
Posted By: on 2003/6/6 18:40:11
"Annuaire Pegasos Francophone" is the new portal of "Annuaire Amiga Francophone" especially for the Pegasos users.

This common "Annuaire" is The List of the french speaking Amiga & Pegasos Users around the World (France, Belgium, Swiss, Quebec,...). Join the hundreds of users since July 2000 and find contacts in your region ! -
Posted By: Targhan. on 2003/6/5 18:32:05
From Chris Seward --

"The very last issue of Amiga Information Online has been released. The May 2003 (Issue 71) will see exactly 6 years in the running of AIO. We would like to thank all the supporters and readers, contributers to our magazine over the years. Its been a fun ride, we hope to be back with the AmigaOne!. Download it from the Aminet Docs/Mags/AIOV71.lha or"

Posted By: Targhan. on 2003/6/5 1:52:32
The Phoenix Developer Consortium is proud to welcome a new member: Nolan Bushnell. Nolan founded Atari and brought the first video games to the consumer market. Phoenix and Genesi are proud to work together with Nolan.

Source: MorphOS-News
Posted By: Targhan. on 2003/6/2 21:36:08

The domain, and thus the AmiWest page, is back online. AmiWest.

SACC has informed MorphZone that their temporary DNS problem will not affect AmiWest, which is still scheduled for July 26 and July 27.

They are currently trying to have their DNS issues resolved to get the website back online.
Posted By: Targhan. on 2003/6/2 20:29:21
The MWD (Morph Web Directory) has reached 100 links today.

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