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Posted By: Targhan. on 2003/11/4 19:09:01
MPlayer for MorphOS has been updated to version 0.91 by DET Nicolas.

Download: Executable , Sources

From: DET Nicolas
To: MorphOS Users


Hi All !

It's  the  time  to  release  MPlayer  0.91  for  MorphOS !
I  hope  you  will  enjoy  it.  Look  in  the  readme  file  for  list  of  the  changes.

I  would  like  to  thank:
-  Andre  Siegel  for  very  good  looking  icons
-  Emanuel  Steen  for  the  documentation
-  Sigbjørn  Skjæret  for  many  improvements  and  bugs  fixed
-  Harry  Sintonen  for  many  improvements  and  bugs  fixed 
-  and  all  MorphOS  users  (including  devellopers  :-))

Have  fun !

DET  nicolas

Posted By: tokai. on 2003/11/1 23:31:31
A new version of AmiTradeCenter the fabulous FTPClient with ADT (Aminet Download Tool) by #amigazeux is finally available for download.

New is support for upload resume and use of 64bit math for displaying the batch and free diskspace check. Also some bugs are fixed.

In short: It's faster, smaller and better! AmiTradeCenter 1.4 released
Posted By: Targhan. on 2003/10/28 16:20:22
MAME, the ultimate arcade emulator, has been upgraded to version 0.72. Check out the MorphOS MAME page: HERE. A direct download is available from this LINK.

For a list of official changes, see's Whats New document.
Posted By: LouiSe. on 2003/10/20 17:55:15
The fast thttpd web server is ported to MorphOS
(required ixemul stuff!) and downloadable here:


There is no SQL and PHP support, but can handle cgi binaries.
Posted By: Targhan. on 2003/10/17 17:41:49
New YAM 2.5b for MorphOS has been released, this is an unofficial version without the time limitation from the original beta. (13.10.03)

Get the Unofficial YAM

Please note, as this is an "unofficial" version, bugs should be reported to MorgothDCaps, NOT the official YAM team.
Posted By: realstar. on 2003/10/17 15:13:50
This is a quick MorphOS port of MadBomber which
is based on the original Kaboom!, a classic
Atari2600 game that I used to enjoy playing.

You can download MadBomber from Emerald Imaging website:
Posted By: Coder. on 2003/10/16 8:17:12

In the download section you can find the following MorphOS downloads:

- MystiCube
- MystiPlugin
- Plasma
- Ripple
- ShadeBobs
- WideSpectrum

You can find them here.

Some fun stuff to play around with. Enjoy it, or not. MorphOS programs on Flying Paper

Posted By: Targhan. on 2003/10/16 5:53:17
fxPAINT 2.02

In the download-area of IOSPIRIT an update-archive from version 2.0 and 2.01 of fxPAINT to V2.02 is now available for download.

Changes include:

  • added for MorphOS: Iconify button in each project window
  • fxALBUM sorting is much faster now and shows a progress bar
  • more intuitive delete function in fxALBUM
  • .infos can now be displayed in ASL-requesters or be excluded from fxALBUM import (Tooltype SUPPRESSINFOFILES)
  • mousewheel-support now also in fxALBUM
  • fixed a bug in startup of PPC-servertasks
  • fixed IFF 24 saver (final fix this time)

A detailed list of changes can be found in the update archive.

Source: MorphOS-News
Posted By: magnetic. on 2003/10/13 21:15:02
Great work by Christopthe GENRE who coded these drivers!

Now you can user your Kodak USB Digital Cameras with MorphOS and Pegasos - just plug and go!

PtpDigCam is a MUI based application allowing to download images
(EXIF/JPEG) and videos (QUICKTIME) from PTP compliant Kodak digital
Posted By: Targhan. on 2003/10/13 15:02:46
Elena, the author of ZoneXplorer, recently announced an update to the fractal software, ZoneXplorer, in the MorphZone forums.


I would like to announce to every ZoneXplorer users that since some days version 1.1.1 is ready for download from ZX's home page: