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Posted By: Targhan. on 2003/2/28 4:56:43
Replaced Top-Links with a set of pop-up links to dictionary and acronym sites. They are on the left-bar, so it will be available for use while reading and posting in the forums. Hey, we all need a little help on occasion right?

Thanks to Athiest for the idea.
Posted By: wonea. on 2003/2/28 0:38:14
Check this out 2.5 Ghz! Serious power!

IBM Announcement
Posted By: Targhan. on 2003/2/27 6:20:48
There are new screenshots in the Ambience Gallery, which is now open for uploads.

Please read the Terms and Instrucions HERE first. (Registered Users Only)

View Ambience HERE. (Open to the General Public)
Posted By: Targhan. on 2003/2/27 1:35:03
FYI: The reply/subject bug in the forums has been squished.
Posted By: Darth_X. on 2003/2/25 23:55:20
Genesi has an immediate need for new and old games that have a small memory requirements and can either be stored in a STB or handheld device. We will also be using the W@LK KEY. The W@LK KEY can be loaded with many games, traded between gamers, or given away with advertising related promotions.

If you have access to sources or want to develop or port old Amiga games to MorphOS do not miss the positive financial opportunity to do so.

Please direct all interest to Genesi at

Best regards,

Posted By: Damien. on 2003/2/25 4:22:17
Genesi now has an official software compatibility list for MorphOS. Users will be able to use this list to check for compatibility with their favorite old software.
*Note: There are two lists, an official and unofficial list.

All users registered as MorphOS users are able to submit new software items to the list and add comments regarding their experiences with the software. All submissions are greatly appreciated.
Posted By: bbrv. on 2003/2/24 14:57:08
News Item Updated

Following our announcements and posts (which did start out on mailing lists) and all the discussion that has insued it seems that it would be useful to point out a few misconceptions and adjustments to our ealier posts...

We will update this News item later today with the details.

We like the site and want to test the interest in the message and draw people into...

The MorphZone!!!

R&B Pegasos G4  Part II
Posted By: Targhan. on 2003/2/24 13:18:05
IBM and Mai, what happens when "Verification" is not followed up...

Click HERE
Posted By: Targhan. on 2003/2/24 0:30:27
That's right, MorphZone has now opened the doors for the general
public! A big thanks to all of the MorphZone staff, moderators, and
early-bird users! Read More for the full press release!
Posted By: Targhan. on 2003/2/22 19:09:22
MorphZone is looking to fill two moderation positions:

1. LinkGrab Moderator. The linkgrab moderator must have Voyager, IBrowse, AWeb, A window-grabber, an art package, and some time on their hands.

2. Link Moderator. The link moderator just needs some time to browse the web.