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Posted By: Darth_X. on 2003/5/21 18:19:27
In the form of a sort of contest, there is a growing 'pot' of money donated by several people (and companies) that will go to the first person/group who can port or create a web browser based on Mozilla or a derivative to Amiga OS/MorphOS HERE

Any takers?

ps: There is even a challenge for Genesi.
Posted By: Nowee. on 2003/5/17 6:35:09
Posted By: palpatine. on 2003/5/13 15:24:03
Genesi will attend the Amiga Party, held on june 28th in Maarssen, the Netherlands
Posted By: Targhan. on 2003/5/12 17:06:38
MorphZone is happy to announce support for Swedish in the forums!

Morphzone är glada att nu kunna annonsera också ett svenskt supportforum!
Posted By: redrumloa. on 2003/5/7 0:53:57
Installation guide for the CatWeasel MKIII on a Pegasos motherboard with MorphOS1.3.
By Jim Farley (aka redrumloa)
Copyright 2003,

*Correction! OpenPCI.library goes into sys:morphos/libs/ !
Posted By: Targhan. on 2003/5/3 7:06:57
The initial CDRom compatibility list has been released. It's far from complete, so bear with us!

The CDRom Compatibility List.
Posted By: Targhan. on 2003/5/2 0:01:59
Genesi SARL, makers of the Pegasos and and MorphOS, proudly announce that they will be attending AmiWest with the newest member of their family, our very own Targhan.

See the announcement HERE
Posted By: Targhan. on 2003/4/27 8:06:52
New packaged executables of AWeb 3.4 APL are now available! The program executable is the same as before, but are now a full package with plugins, transfer-animations, icon-sets and installers.
Versions for 68020, 68030, 68040, 68060 and now also MorphOS are available for download.

Note: The MorphOS version uses Mark Olsen's executables, so if you already have a working AWeb...

Source: AWeb at
Posted By: Targhan. on 2003/4/25 16:13:05
The MorphZone Team, MorphOS-News Team, Genesi, Phoenix, and the Community would all like to send a "Get Well Soon" to Anton Reinauer, known as "Ants" in the forums.
Posted By: Targhan. on 2003/4/22 8:11:22
SkinShuffle is now available in MorphZone's download area.