Git Desktop - graphical git frontend
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    I have published first public version of my Git Desktop, a graphical git frontend for MorphOS.
    Git Desktop is quite similar to GitHub Desktop and GitLab Discovery but also it has some features inspired by Visual Studio Code.

    For now this tool gives possibility of:
    - add/clone/create repository
    - switch/create(from)/rename/delete branch (only for local ones)
    - stage/unstage changes
    - commit with message
    - fetch/pull/push
    - view (color) diffs for changed files
    - list of stashes with preview + actions like stash/apply/drop(all)/pop
    - latest history (for now limited to latest 50 entries) also with showing (color) diffs of changed files
    - ...

    App is in beta state! Still miss many features. And has at least some bugs/problems.


    Requirements are MorphOS SDK (git). If repository requires authentication You have to do authentication with ssh-agent -D & something like ssh-add Home:.ssh/id_ed25519 before any actions like fetch/pull/push.

    Git Desktop is available at MorphOS-Storage and Aminet.

    From technical point Git Desktop is written in C++ and MUI based (via C++ wrappers:
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    Very nice! I've used and know git CLI but having a nice GUI for it improves and speeds up some things.

    Once I get my hands on it (not much time lately to deal with hobbies like MOS), will post some feedback.
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    Papiosaur wrote:
    A support of Hollywood code will be a nice feature (if possible of course) :-)

    Is possible now.
    Git is very good, popular and modern version control system for each type of text files. Hollywood sources (Lua scripts) are text files so Git (and GitDesktop) always was ready for Hollywood. My repositories contain files: C, C++, Python, AmigaDOS scripts, Shell scripts (Unix/macOS), JSON, text. Each modification of these files are visible and is possible to comfortable comparing in Git, GitDesktop and MCAmiga (set as difftool in MorphOS Git).

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