Software : : Iris 1.16
Posted By: jacadcaps. on 2023/8/18 16:17:37
Iris 1.16 is now available from The new version introduces a ton of improvements, optimizations and bug fixes, including faster message list updates and better handling of operations on big numbers of messages. This is also the first version coming with a Polish translation.

Full Change log:

- All operations that can potentially modify a lot of messages are now done in stages to avoid timing out while server copies/deletes/etc the messages
- Added progress to more message operations
- Avoids reloading message list when deleting emails
- Improved the Find Messages window's UI
- Return key in the message editor now creates paragraphs instead of line breaks (hold shift to insert a line break)
- Warns when trying to quit while there's still write operations running on server, etc
- Improved CSS sanitization when viewing emails authored using Outlook
- Implemented Auto-Update
- Worked around a problem that caused longer subject lines with non-ASCII characters would sometimes end up with extra spaces added inside words
- Fixed to refresh folder contents after deleting all messages in it
- Fixed a case where Find Messages could get stuck forever when doing an advanced search
- Fixed a case where message finder could continue working even after closing Find Messages window
- Fixed a case where upon selecting a folder, the active message wouldn't automatically load
- Updated WebKit and associated libraries
- Added Polish translation