Software : : Wayfarer 2.7 released
Posted By: jacadcaps. on 2021/9/24 14:48:52
Wayfarer 2.7 is now out!

- Worked around random crashes that may have been observed in 2.6
- Significantly improved performance of various threading checks across WebKit
- Worked around an issue in objc runtime that caused Wayfarer to stall during download notifications. Do note that notifications must be reconfigured in Magic Beacon as some keywords have changed.
- Improved handling of websites that constatly request http auth credentials instead of caching the state
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    BTW "Download Linked File As..." has no German message.
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    Another problem with downloads relates to downloading files from Amiga Future magazine's website in so much as when you click on the link to download the file, it transfers you to another pointer, and offers a similarly placed green oval "Download" button to click on, which then interprets the download name from whatever it actually is ... to ... "load", no name for the file as such, or the suffix which is, as you might imagine, usually .lha, just that generalised name (load). :-?

    I have raised this problem with the site's owner, and if you use other OS's web-browsers then the name is interpreted correctly for whatever file is being downloaded, so it is solely associated, AFAIK, with Wayfarer.

    Also, if you try to rename the file with the Save As option it then fails to download the renamed file, it just downloads the html linking information, either as it takes too long to keep the website's link open prior to initiating the download or it is considered as an interference with the data transfer and so fails in the process. :-(

    Maybe this is a similar problem I encountered with the ebay PDF "return label" download - that I mentioned in the New Modern Webkit-based Browser In Development - comment #874 thread, maybe it is not the same, I just mention as it is a download issue with Wayfarer, currently, which I hope can be remedied/fixed soon. 8-)
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