Development : : xcf.mcc 1.0
Posted By: pegasos-sigi2. on 2018/9/13 16:11:09
xcf.mcc 1.0

A MUI Class to display GIMP Project files

+ Support of raw and compressed files (.xcf.gz)
+ Display Monocrome, grayscale, pixmap and RGB(A) files with alpha channel.
+ The class decode RLE compressed and raw layer.
+ The max number of layer is 30.
+ Layer compositing and masking is supported
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    This should be a reggae class, not a mcc.
  • »2018/9/14 6:26
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    This should be a reggae class, not a mcc.

    I did't have any Reggae SDK ...
    I need a sample reggae class with source and makefile

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    Yes Reggae class will be better because better integration in the system.

    I have found this :

    No, this archive does not tell you how to develop a new Reggae class.
  • »2018/9/15 21:25
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    > what is the goal of this archive so ?

    It tells how to use Reggae from within an application.
  • »2018/9/16 12:51