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Posted By: r-tea. on 2018/4/10 14:57:09
MorphOS - Volume OneThe English language edition of the first volume of our MorphOS manual book will be made available this weekend.

The eBook edition will be downloadable from your customer profile page (after logging into our web store) or by using a link that will be provided via email message.
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    500 pages... NICE
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    Gone through the table of contents, really seems to be very comprehensive!

    One little remark: It's "antialiasing" instead of "anty-aliasing".
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    Another typo: “Deafult” Should be “Default”
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    Sending my support and purchased the book. Looking forward to giving it a read.
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    i would be interested in translating this manual into german and am willing to do so, if the original author approves.
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    Note, this volume is kinda like famous "For dummies" series. There's a lot of phareses that begins "Move the mouse arrow over ...".
    I general, it's rather for beginners.
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    I have another question the Blizt Basic book, they sell too, the book is good, with good examples, good source code?
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    I'm waiting for volume two, already paid.
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    Another typo: “Deafult” Should be “Default”

    The main reason I haven't bought any of the books offered by this group, has been my doubt that the English translation would be very good, and free of many spelling "typo's", or other grammar errors, that might make understanding difficult, or at the least, the reading to be much less enjoyable. I'm a big fan of printed books and manuals, instead of online reading, or downloading pdf, or other format files, for reading offline later, but I'm also picky and bothered by spelling and grammar errors, in media that is offered for sale to the public. I guess my thinking is that if someone is going to charge for a book, or manual, or some other kind of document, they should be able to properly write, and translate it, into any language they are offering to publish it in. I'm sure many/most people are less bothered than myself, by spelling and grammar mistakes in these small, or hobby type of publications.
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