Software : : RNOAnim 1.2 and RNOInfoScreen 1.4 released
Posted By: jPV. on 2017/8/8 17:02:08
New versions of both RNOAnim and RNOInfoScreen have been released.

New in RNOAnim 1.2:
- Animations get scaled if they don't fit within the screen size
- Support for transparency in GIF anims

New in RNOInfoScreen 1.4:
- More options for background images
- Volume goes quicker up and down when a shift key is pressed
- Repeating keyboard commands
- Uses own AppIcon
- Invisible close and depth gadgets on fullscreen mode
- More system friendly menus
- Fine-tuned local search

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    I like them both, nice updates. ;-) ... and they work stably as well, which is always a nice feature 8-D
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    I like RNOInfoScreen. I use it as a blanker. | My Rifle, My Bunny, and Me
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