Press : : Best of MorphOS March/April 2014
Posted By: Papiosaur. on 2014/5/16 10:54:42
The WArMUp association is pleased to present you the Best of MorphOS March/April 2014.

Read the webzine.
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    From: po-RNO
    I had difficulties to download it... I only seem to get small (781 bytes) file, which is actually html instead of pdf. It is named as pdf though.

    My OWB is configured to open PDF files on VPDF automatically, and VPDF naturally shows just empty page with this. "Download linked file..." with OWB saves that small file as well as wget. Finally I tried to rename that small downloaded file to .html and opened it on OWB and that makes it download the actual PDF.

    So, there seems to be some kind of download script instead of real PDF on that link and that may cause problems.
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    From: Pending...
    This thread is rendering oddly - every 2nd post is an empty JPV post...

    Also, there's a problem with the link disguised as 'WArMUp' in this news item -

    PPC assembly ain't so bad... ;)
  • »2014/6/5 9:24
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