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Posted By: Papiosaur. on 2011/4/21 20:01:08
RELEC society in partnership with website http://www.meta organizes a competition open to all programmers on the planet.

A development machine for MorphOS is to win: it's a EFIKA 5200B "DELUXE EDITION", a unique prototype proposed by RELEC. The list of elements is given later in this article.

Developers will send their proposal of project (which must operate at least on MorphOS and AmigaOS 4.x) by mail before May 31, 2011 at the following email address: papiosaur2 [at]
The list of all projects will be posted June 1 at the site
Voting will be by mail to the same address before 1 July.
The voting results will be posted on the website from 1 July.

The development machine will be presented at the Alchemy 2011 (France) and it will be up when the project is finalized.
In case of withdrawal or no results available after 2 months it will send the machine to the developer of the project ranked second, etc. ...
If the winner needs to develop this machine, it will be sent after 1 July.
The delivery of a diploma for "Best Project MorphOS 2011" will be officially presented at the Alchemy 2011 that will take place from 11 November to 13 November 2011 at Tain l'Hermitage (26 - France).

The development machine is composed of:

- A EFIKA 5200B motherboard,
- a housing epoxy polished,
- a Radeon graphic card,
- a PSU,
- MorphOS 2.7 or higher with its license,
- the latest pack Ultimate,
- MorphOS SDK pre-installed,
- carrying case.

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    From: Pending...
    I like the initiative that's being shown here but is it assumed that the winner already develops for AmigaOS 4?
    PPC assembly ain't so bad... ;)
  • »2011/4/21 22:31
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    I understand may cause problem

    This weird requirement of running on AmigaOS 4 just forces the programmer to not use advanced MorphOS features. I could propose some nice project using Reggae classes and MUI 4, but well, if AmigaOS 4 compatibility is required, I pass.

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  • »2011/4/22 6:02
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    If i don't receive proposition of project for the 2 os before 31 May, i could propose the competition just for MorphOS environment.

    I guess you may get some proposals for both the systems. Just proposals for MorphOS alone would be better as not limited to the common denominator of AmigaOS 4 features.
  • »2011/4/22 8:11
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    I know but "the RELEC society would like a software for the 2 OS".

    Hmm... it could make sense if OS3 (68k) contribution was allowed. Because 68k code runs on both systems but it also allows using most of new features in MorphOS (MUI4, CGX5, most of other new APIs etc). 68k development systems are also quite accessible (WinUAE) so you broaden potential developers taking part.
  • »2011/4/23 19:17