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Posted By: geit. on 2010/8/31 17:30:15
After more than 5 Years and several gaps where the page wasn't available, was switched off in August this year. Countless people asked about the reason and showed that this site is regularily being visited by community members. changed server and domain provider during the last month and was only available through a fall back home server. But this period was used constructively. It all started with a new logo and ended with a complete make over of all 100 (!!) pages found at Some sections were enhanced, reworked and improved. Thanks to the new look and design future changes and providing new content will be much easier.

Links pointing to's sub pages should be checked. It was taken care about not breaking any links, but in some cases (mostly the meeting pages) it simply wasn't possible without overhead, so it was dropped for a clean restart. In addition to that, the new pages use CSS for the design. This provides an easy and flexible way of maintaining the pages. With non CSS compatible browsers the pages will still provide all information, but without all the decoration and eye candy.

Thanks anyone who has supported for the last few years. You ensured the website's survival.

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