Software : : WAManager 1.0 & ShowGirls 1.2 Update
Posted By: kiero. on 2009/12/19 15:19:46
<span style="font-weight: bold;">WAManager:</span>
WAManager is an application to help you manage Picasa Web Albums. The goal is to provide image upload, download, modification and synchronization functionality. Read more for details and screenshot

<span style="font-weight: bold;">ShowGirls:</span>
Version 1.2, besided WAManager integration, includes minor bugfix in time rendering for thumbnails, batch converter functionality extension (can process only selected images from given album).

This first release of WAManager has following functionality implemented:

- user authorization
- album list gathering
- album creation, name, comment and access rights modification
- uploading of images to albums
- checking for already uploaded images
- ShowGirls integration (check readme for details)

Images can be resized to given dimmensions and recompressed to JPEG format with selected quality. All image formats for which Datatype or Reggae class exist are supported.

Link: Screenshot

WAManager requires MorphOS 2.4

Downloads: WAManager 1.0 - Showgirls 1.2
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    Link to what? You have a link to a screenshot and two download links.

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    Just by coincidence, I was creating Picasa Web Albums today, so WAManger came along a a great time!

    However, after the login window, I get the following error: "Unable to load gfx/upload.png file. Check your installation..." No such file or directory exists in the archive.

    WAManager only wants to upload one file at a time even when I have more than one selected. I created an album in ShowGirls of three images and selected export. The login occured and the three images showed up in WAManager, but selecting them to upload only sent the last one in the list. Selecting them individually sent the same one!

    Viewing Picasa in OWB confirmed the new album had the two copies of the same image!

    This will be a very handy application soon, I feel.

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    Yeah, i forgot to copy one file into the archive. just reuploaded. get it again. Maybe now You wil get better idea how it works. It doesn't upload selected files but files with ^ marker on them (it will now be visible on thumbnails). ^ marker apears if you select files and press "Export" button.
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    ShowGirls is one of my favourite apps (I use it to manage all the pics I take with my digicam...) and it gets better and better, and WAManager works just fine! Just uploaded my first gallery from MorphOS, one reason less to ever fire up a different OS...

    Congratulations and keep up the good work, kiero!

    Kind regards,
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    Fine progress of ShowGirls. Just a small bug: pulldown menus show former selected menus in background (at least with Ferox skin).
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    Works like a charm now!

    Would be cool if you could use WAManager as a complete front-end for Picasa Web Albums. I mean moving, copying and organizing albums from your app would be a lot cooler than doing it through the web interface.

    I'm new to MorphOS, but have to say ShowGirls is my favorite app so far!

    Great work.

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    Both looks great !! thanks !!
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