Sound corruption on Peg I with voodoo 5 card
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    Hi all !

    I've a Peg I with a voodoo5 board on AGP bus.
    Sound outpout is totally corrupted as soon as I scroll in Voyager window, even when Voyager loads a web page the music is slowing down....

    Is it something to do against this nasty bug ?

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    Hi MikePig,

    I'm really not qualified to entirely answer your question, but,
    from my observation, Voyager will eat up to 100% CPU when scrolling
    through some windows, this according to "TaskManager".

    IBrowse does not exhibit this "sound" problem, and it's CPU usage
    when scrolling through windows is considerably less.

    Basically, my *guess* is that the sound corruption problem
    is related to both Voyager (specifically), as well as general instances
    of high CPU usage. I do not believe, from my experience, that there is
    any "sound bug" which afflicts MorphOS.

    Both my Mac and Athlon experince similar characteristics,
    only actually a bit *worse* than my Pegasos.

    Slightly unrelated...but I just ordered a new SB for my Peg...
    I'm VERY curious to see how it handles these situations
    in comparison to the onboard sound.

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    No problem!

    Please start RexxMast >NIL: in your shell or put this in your user-startup sequence.

    Thats it...

    Ciao Mario
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  • Caterpillar
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    Hi MikePig

    The voodoo5 is not the problem, i quest the pci-system in the kernel is the possible reason, try
    to contact the boys from genesi.

    I have a question, your voodoo5 is assigned as a
    voodoo5 or voodoo4, System-Prefs/Screenmode?

    On my PegasOSII/MOS1.4 i have only the Voodoo4,
    its the same on yours?

    Best wishes

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    Hi !

    Thanks all for your help !

    Yes, Raoul MOS1.4 reports the Voodoo5 as Voodoo4, as far as I knowit's
    caused by the CGX Voodoo driver.

    To MaSch : that's great ! V is now working,loading,scrolling.....and I
    can still listen music.

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    From: Paris
    same problem with PegII/G4 MOS1.4.1 and Radeon 9200se :(

    Some programs with MUI interface cause same problem.
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  • Caterpillar
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    Hallo MikePig,

    Have you test the Warp3D-Demo "Engine" on the

    I see Screencorruptions in 800x600 but 137 FPS.

    Same way looks Freespace in Warp3D-Mode.

    Did have any access to a quake-, doom- and
    heretic-clone for morphos that works fine?
    Especially quake-Warp3D or GLQuake with a working
    sound-support for ahi?

    I have try many port's, but only working thing is
    adoom-mos, but it does'nt load my saved games.
    Any tips?

    Give it any Warp3D- or Rave3D-Demos to test the
    Voodoo5(4)-drivers funktionability. I think this actual Voodoo4-driver has errors, i had never seen
    clean graphical results. Did you see better results?

    Best wishes

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    Hello Reaul,

    i don't have a V5, but a Voodoo4 in my Peg!
    There is no problems at all on several games
    in Warp3D-mode!!!
    Here my tested applications/games:
    HereticII, Shogo, QuakeII (Hyperion), GlQuake-WOS (beta11 from Massimilano Tretene) , WipeOut2097.
    All games runs properly without any errors!
    I think, it was better when you test the Voodoo5 or check your configuration...

    Greetings MaSch
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  • Caterpillar
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    @ MikePig

    Now, after a long time of testing, i can say not
    the mos-quarkkernel is the probleme, for me
    it looks now, that the OF is the reason for the
    V5-problems, some pci-listing shows me a badly
    addressed pci-pipeline, so that only the second
    GPU is "mountet" on this pipeline, also the
    colorchannels are inverse'd.

    Please test it with LinuxPPC-XServer (tdfxfb), the same on MOL (MacOSX)!

    I wish that i can present better news, but now
    it's no more in our hands, this job goes to
    Genesi or MDC! it looks like the little- vs. big-
    endian thing is real source. :(

    Best wishes

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