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    One of the main features of FlowStudio is not to have a mess of a UI.

    If it would be there by default you would need to activate the text input fields it by hand, while using the hotkey they are opening active. This also works when they are already open.

    Not sure if my setup is accurate, but pressing LCOMMAND+F or LCOMMAND+G and continue typing is far more handy than leaving the keyboard clicking using the mouse. Again, this also works when the UI elements are already there.

    The goal here is the keyboard only approach, which more or less works fine in FlowStudio.

    What do you want to gain with having those bottom ui element open on start, anyway? Those elements just eat screen space and when developing screen space is the most important. I often close them while developing to regain screen space.
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  • Paladin of the Pegasos
    Paladin of the Pegasos
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    i have a small problem with FlowStudio and Hollywood.

    In this example of script:

    Function ...
    Local Function ...

    FlowStudio don't reconize "Local Function" and don't realize the link to his attributed Endfunction and i have a problem to compile.

    It will be possible to fix that please?
  • »02.08.23 - 13:24
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