Improvements on MorphOS-Storage by BeWorld
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    Paladin of the Pegasos
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    Hello all,

    Bruno 'BeWorld' Peloille has just realized many improvements on download site MorphOS Storage.

    This is changes list:
    - possibility to have 6 snapshots for each software in description list (example),
    - YouTube windows size increased,
    - Description list accessible by clicking on archive name,
    - Download via a dedicated logo,
    - Column 'Comment' added to see and add comments (example),
    - Improvement of the show of comments (example).

    Others improvements will come soon as the show of last comments.

    Don't hesitate to do comments, suggestions and support implication of BeWorld realizing a small donation, to buy pizzas and beers for example, to the dedicated bounty available to

    You can propose software, games, snapshots, links, videos, documentation, tutorials, wallpapers, icons, scripts, etc... to papiosaur2 hotmail fr or via this link.

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    As long as you don't change anything on the RSS feed, I'm fine... - really wouldn't like to yet again adjust my scripts for the weekly news-item at :-)

    Other than that, thanks to Bruno and you for all your work.
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    Ok i dont touch this :-)
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